Creating Fundraising ideas for Mosques for a greater objective is not an easy task. It takes great efforts to plan the great objectives and utilize effective strategies to meet those planned specific objectives. For the attainment of Fundraising Objectives, there are multiple Ideas which we will look into details here in this article but having a great idea for fundraising for Mosques in the USA will be our key topic.

In this digitalization and Post-COVID-19 Era, most of the fundraising ideas also revolve around going Digital, for that a commonly used Digital Platform and Software Management System which gives all solutions to fundraising for Mosques in the USA is called MOHID.

One-Stop Solution to Fundraising in Digital World …………………………..Go MOHID

Mohid Donation Kiosk Calculator

Installing a Mohid Donation Kiosk Calculator on your fundraising page will help followers to work out their fund susceptibility and will guide them into making a donation kiosk online. In order to Fundraising for Mosques in the USA, it is necessary to make a landing page on the website which is only dedicated to Fundraising for mosques to manage the staff. Having such a landing page will increase the chance of more fundraising. Digital platforms are a central part of increasing donations. MOHID helps in all of Mosques Management Tasks. Mosques need to have a functional, user-friendly Fundraising page to boost their fundraising efforts. These pages provide you the chance to convert a visitor into an active supporter or donor. Landing pages are the place your social media posts, blog posts about the campaign

Social media is a vital tool for moving out and interacting with larger audiences and is especially useful when in-person events are difficult to grip.

Mohid Mosque Management System

The best way to use social media in order to raise funds for Mosque ‘’Text to Donate’’ is also very useful besides meeting your donor, sending the text to donate to him. It is one of the newer trends to collecting big amounts of donations easily. The work is accomplished by individuals and shared online in order to raise donations.

Arrangement of Fundraising Seminar

Fundraising seminars are very useful for collecting huge amounts of money because in the USA a large number of people attend Islamic seminars, and they are very keen to donate for the faith of Allah so this type of seminars is very helpful. By donating, people not only provide a place of worship but laying foundations for their own spiritual rewards in this life and hereafter

Fundraising by Volunteers

Fundraising by volunteers is a trend nowadays. This type of fundraising involves recruiting volunteers who voluntarily manage to raise funds for mosques. With peer-to-peer fundraising, you can spread your fundraising activity through multiple pages, political campaigns, and avenues, bringing in funds from a broad pool of sources, and the whole thing is to provide through users sharing their pages with friends, family members, colleagues, and social unit.

MOHID helps in Fundraising for Mosques in the USA in a Digital way

Actually, this kind of fundraising is effectively measured and there are so many ways to keep expanding your circle with new donors getting engaged each day, and new campaigns being set up all the time to contribute to the whole fund. One of the best manners to form the most of peer-to-peer fundraising is by setting up fundraising challenges. This has proven to be an enormously popular method and a very effective one too, with both donors and supporters involved and engaged in fun and exciting ways. These challenges engage donors and make their spirit a part of a corporate effort. The situation can also lead to friendly competition, with enthusiastic donors setting up their own respective campaign pages and calling on their friends, colleagues, and some other beloved ones to support them along the way. Mosque Management System collects the charity by donation kiosk.


Fundraising-oriented websites are the perfect marketing opportunity for your great fundraising campaigns. When you have a nonprofit cause, it’s easier to create a donation page directly on your site.

Customize your site for your nonprofit’s brand and place a “Donate Here” button on the homepage for easy reference!

Checkout charities are a type of cause marketing between organizations and retail businesses for mutual benefit. When you partner with a local retailer, their cashiers will ask for donations when customers make a purchase.

Make sure you have effective messaging and a method to collect both cash and credit card donations.

The COVID-19 pandemic created the awareness for the world of the need to be prepared with a face mask. That’s why hosting a face mask fundraiser to raise money for Mosques is helpful

You can create an online web store for your organization so you can sell your masks online. It’s the best way to keep your community safe while supporting and fostering your greater cause!. More other Options of Fundraising for Mosques in the USA are :

  • Auction:
  • Bake Sale:
  • Car Wash:
  • Car Boot Sale:
  • Competitive Event:
  • Dress Blue Day
  • Football Match or Tournament:
  • ‘Give It Up!’ Challenge:
  • Likes for Lives
  • Sports Day
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Walk/Cycle to Work
  • Online Fundraiser:

 Create your own fundraising page to start raising money quickly. Use social media and Whatsapp for messages about the cause you are fundraising for, and involve your family and friends to support your cause!

 Overall, MOHID Software Solution and Services are key to success in the overall management of Fundraising activity and is highly recommended by the leaders in the industry



A strong fundraising attempt can secure and is capable to arrange more funds to support all of your activities; a poor performance can drain money. Fundraising activities can determine the future of your organization.

Increasing awareness will increase the number of people that will help and pursue your new fundraiser. A common fundraising goal is to foster and expand consciousness for the cause, project, or brand that you are raising money for Mosque.

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