Are You Ready For Free Promotion Of Your Events And Double Your Donation?

With Minbr, your community is not just your local members and musallees but the the whole muslim community of your city and it does not end here, they will be even promoted to muslim travellers of your city.

Iqamah Alerts

Daily Iqamah alerts based on home Masjid Iqamah timetable configurable by user to show any time before iqamah"

Phishing Detect
Realtime Push Notifications

Send important announcements and updates to community as Push notifications and get their immediate attention

Smart Scan
Home Screen Widget

Users can place widgets on home screen to instantly check the local Iqamah times without opening the App

Smart Scan
Social Media feeds

Place your Social Media feeds and Live Youtube videos right on the Homepage of the App to get the community know of your recent activities and events.

Are You Ready To Collect Donation With New Channels, And Easy Payment Processing Options?

"Minbr introducing new channels for donation collection and easy payment options for donor's which can motivate them to donate more..."

Already Signed Up For Minbr? Then Let Us Connect You With Your Community

These are the following steps to be a part of the Minbr, you have to follow these step-by-step


Step 1

Login to MOHID dashboard, go to 'Ad-ons' and subscribe Minbr App platform

Admin will receive 4 QR codes which are tied to different actions within the App

Admins will also receive 4 links which can be used in Masjid website, news letter or email announcements

Link with us on


Step 2

QR codes should be posted at different locations so that users can scan them with their phones.

If the user's phone doesnot have Minbr app Playstore/Appstore will be opened so user can install the App in their phone

Once installed, user will be directed to the right screen in app based on the QR code originally scanned.

DTS will provide customized QR code sticker sheets to Masjid which can be posted at key locations such as entrances, bulletin boards or cash donation boxes. This will provide a quick payment option to donors, so they can simply scan QR code and donate from their Minbr App.


Step 3

Admins can login to MOHID dashboard and track the number of Apps being installed and linked to Masjid.

Number of Android and Apple app installs will be displayed separately for each Admin.

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Best Islamic App 2023: Qibla Finder, Donation App, Namaz Timings Checker & More

It is a bit difficult to find the Best Islamic App from all of the thousands of applications available on the App Store and Play Store. You have to check each application to determine which one is the best among all and just like that you get an idea of how hectic and time-consuming it can be. Before we get into which one is the best we first have to have an understanding of what makes an Islamic application the best among the rest.

An Islamic application commonly consists of some features including a Qibla Finder, Namaz Timings Checker, and donation options. Minbr is the Best Islamic App Of 2023 and it provides the best features you will ever see in any of the applications. Our app consists of all the features that others have with additional features for helping the community to get close to both the Mosque and Islam.

It is always difficult to know the direction of the Kaaba however with our Qibla Finder you can easily know the direction of the Kabaa. Our Kabaa Compass lets you know the exact location of the Qibla so you can easily pray without having any issues.

Another difficulty that people face generally is knowing the nearby Mosque’s Namaz Timings. People generally search for Fajr Time and Maghrib Time because of their frequently changing times. To overcome this issue we made a great feature that lets you connect the app to your nearby mosque and know the timings of namaz & Iqamah accordingly.

With all of our great features that help the Muslim community, we also added a donation and crowd-funding feature made to help the less privileged. We are constantly taught by Islam to help others and do whatever we can as Muslims. Therefore, we integrated the Donation and Crowd Funding option so you can help those in need.

The beauty of life lies in living together and staying in touch! In order to connect the Muslims with your nearby Islamic community we have developed an exciting feature “Islamic Community” where you can easily get updates about all the events, programs, and news related to your nearby mosque. You can also use all the new feature including “Ask Imam” which enables you to connect and interact with your Masjid’s Imam and allow you to find the solution to your question and queries.

All of the above-mentioned features are just a glimpse of what Minbr can do. We have integrated many more features within the application so you can get the benefits of it and connect to Islam and the mosque as well as the community. Minbr also has many other features including Iqamah Timings. Our Advanced Islamic App is an example of what you can achieve with just an app. You can easily download it directly from your App Store and Play Store.

Our app is available on both Android and iPhone and you can easily download it. Here are the steps you can follow to smoothly download it.

You can easily download Minbr on your Android devices in five simple steps:

  1. Search for Play Storeon your android device
  2. Open it
  3. Go to the search bar and type “Minbr”
  4. Click on the app with the name Minbr
  5. Click on install

You can easily download Minbr on your Android devices in five simple steps:

  1. Search for App Storeon your android device
  2. Open it
  3. Go to the search bar and type “Minbr”
  4. Click on the app with the name Minbr
  5. Click on install

It is the Best Islamic Application that you can download now on your devices and get benefitted from all the great features it has to offer. To get the best experience keep the app updated as we keep on improving it, fix issues, and bugs. We sometimes may add some other new features so keep your eyes on the updates.

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Minbr is a new way to Connecting Communities with Masajid
and open new source of revenue for Masajid.

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