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Introducing MOHID Plus Mobile

Take every kind of payment from every kind of donor and grow your donor base.
Take payments for literally anything, anywhere.

The demand for instant payment is seeping into every corner of our lives. in response to the rise of mobile phones and cashless payments, MOHID is introducing a revolutionary donation gathering tool that can be used to propel your Masjid into the 21st Century. Most Masajid’s using the MOHID Plus Mobile system have literally doubled their donations by accepting digital transactions.

Our advanced mobile card payment device eliminates the need for cash, paperwork and pledge forms. MOHID Plus Mobile payment device enables Masajid’s and charities to quickly accept pledges, payment and donations. It’s compact, cost-effective and aimed at enabling donors, to donate easily without cash. With our mobile card payment device, people can make pledges, give donations and pay for wedding fees, hall hires, event tickets, or even just for a cup of tea and coffee.

8 reasons to use MOHID Handheld:

Stop losing out on opportunities and raise more at your next fundraiser

  • Accept payments faster, easier, smarter
    Use MOHID Handheld as a complete point of sale system or a standalone payment device
  • Simple, fair pricing
    Choose one of two pricing plans, then just pay a small fee when accepting a transaction for all our devices
  • Giving on the go
    MOHID Handheld makes mobile payment processing a breeze
  • Accept all debit & credit cards
    Accept all major credit & debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express
  • Track sales in real time
    Gain real-time insights into trends and data that are driving your donations, and track key metrics
  • Automated accounting
    Fully automated and linked directly to your accounting system
  • Fixed transaction fee
    Pay a fixed transaction fee based on your plan. Payouts go directly into your bank account
  • Sign-up in 5 minutes
    100% Online sign-up. No paperwork

Frequently Asked Questions

All our hardware and mobile solutions require MOHID Cloud, which is where all your data is stored and organized for your convenience. Fill out the form below to get started on your free trial.

You can easily add MOHID plus mobile to your MOHID install by visiting this link and following the online guide.

Once you have ordered your mobile units you can activate easily within your platform. If you need further information about this we have a how-to guide available.

If you still have unanswered questions, we’d love to help! You can contact us directly here.

Really handy and a great company to work with. Thank you so much for solving such an important payment problem with a simple to use system.


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To give each masjid the flexibility and convenience of choosing the best plan, we offer two different pricing plans for MOHID Handheld. With transparent hardware costs and low transactions fees, we look forward to helping you grow your Masjid.

Plan 1


One Time Per Device

No Activation Fee

No monthly

Donor Pay Transaction Fee – See detail on transaction fee detail in the pricing section

* Donor consent will be taken to cover transaction fees

Plan 2


One Time Per Device

No Activation Fee


Fixed 2.5% or DonorPay Rate

Depend on what customer opted for Transaction Rate

Donor Pay Transaction 3.25% + $0.29.

In most cases, donors would like to pay for transaction cost, especially for Zakat. If you select these options, the donor will get the option to agree to cover the transaction fee. If a donor agrees to cover the transaction fee, 3.25% + $0.29 of the donation amount will be added to the total transaction amount. If a donor does not agree, Masjid will be charged 3.25% + $0.29 cents of the total transaction amount.

If you opt for this transaction fee type, there will be no monthly fee added to each MPM or Kiosk

Fixed rates 2.5% + $0.29

This will be fixed rates without the option for the donor to cover the transaction fee. If you select MPM and opt for this transaction fee type, you will be charged $15 monthly for each MPM device and $25 for each Kiosk Device

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