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Top Features

Extend the functionality of MOHID with our wall-mounted MOHID Kiosk

Add a MOHID Kiosk today and get features like:

  • Debit and credit card donation kiosk for easy donation.
  • Cashless system
  • Simple, fast, touchscreen operation
  • Real-time Donation Management
  • Seamless integration with MOHID Cloud
  • Fundraising and pledge management
  • Ticket sales and program registration

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MOHID Regional

Many non-profit Islamic organizations around the Globe occasionally have centralized operations at the local, regional or national level. The key to managing such an organizational structure is to develop a system that allows you to leverage configurable workflow to not only centralize all operations but also empower local centers in a balanced and controlled environment.

We developed MOHID Regional using advanced technologies to provide such organizations with the best of both worlds E.g. A HQ can push a centralized donation category, event, or even a membership drive through MOHID Regional HQ System to all its MOHID connected local centers. While also having local centers run all their own operations through their own MOHID Platform.

Another example would be that a center can receive the application for zakat through their MOHID Portal and send it to HQ for approval, HQ can approve or disapprove and write a check through MOHID Regional or simply allow that center to cut a check through their own MOHID Account. Because of a centralized system, If the same recipient goes to a different location or HQ, his/her disbursement history can be pulled through MOHID during the application process

Through the MOHID Regional HQ Platform, you would be to implement a role-based approval process between HQ and local centers while performing your own (HQ) operations.

With MOHID Regional HQ System,
you are able to:

Make Informed Decisions

Use historical data as a point of comparison so you can always have the correct information on hand to make the right decision

Drive Compliance

Running operations at local levels that are appraised and adjusted according to the guidelines of the organization

Drive Strategy

Helping management identify how local and regional trends are impacting results within the Masjids in your organization

100% Transparency with your costs

Share Knowledge

The MOHID Regional Portal is an “Aggregator” of community-focused information and engagement, which can be planned and implemented using the MOHID system from local centers. With our regional system you can easily:

  • Shared Event Calendar: Avoid conflicts with scheduled events from Local Centers when planning local events.
  • Inter-Committee Collaboration: The collaboration framework provides shared workspaces.
  • Fundraising Events, Programs, announcements, and events from a local center will be automatically featured at centralized or HQ websites through a workflow (request and approval process).
  • Local and HQ can share the Zakat disbursements history of any applicant or recipient applying within a local or HQ center. The admins can make an informed decision by sharing the data and through an approval workflow process.

Regional Collaboration

Larger organizations can have a larger impact, and thus can often raise more money than the combined fundraising revenue of several smaller affiliates. MOHID Regional Portal connects local communities of various Masajid and Islamic Centers with-in a centralized HQ with one another utilizing modern web based technologies and serves as an information gateway for the region. Each Masjid/Islamic Center can reach out to and engage far more community members via the MOHID Centralized Regional Portal.

Transaction Fees

Our transaction fees are highly competitive. The reason is we negotiated the lowest rates possible on your behalf with the payment processor. We highly recommend DonorPayTM for transactional fee option.

MOHID Regional Pricing varies and
depends on organization size.

Please contact us and request for quote

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