Now-a-days, Masajid is losing a substantial amount of donations due to lack of follow-ups on pledges. Now you can relax and let MOHID do the work for you. With us, you can send auto reminders to your donors to pay for tickets and fulfil the pledges.

Fundraise Management Tool

Mohid fundraising tool is easy to deploy for small to medium size Mosques, yet powerful and customizable enough for the demand of Multiple Mosques and large Islamic organisations. Firstly, you can accept charitable donations and sell tickets. Secondly, sign up members and promote events. Lastly, setting up recurring transactions is a snap.

MOHID Fundraise Management Software

There are around 500 mosques in the USA who choose MOHID cloud fundraise management software, and the vast majority are funded primarily through donations. Whether given as, Firstly, Zakat and Secondly, offered as Sadaqah. These donations allow mosques

  • to educate
  • inform and
  • support their local communities.

Fundraising ideas for mosques

Pledge Management

It can be a burden to give a larger sum at a time, but manageable when broken down into small amounts of payments. We (MOHID) let you donate a certain amount over time. It can increase the bond between the donor and the community. Furthermore, it establishes a long-term relationship with the organisation. We help you to:

  • Lay out payment schedule
  • Keep track of the payments
  • Keep you updated with who owes what and when and update accordingly.

Involvement of Mosque Committee Member

Subsequently, mosques need to recognize the importance of fundraising activity. Active involvement of mosques’ committee members in fundraising activities facilitates continuous flow of funds to their mosque. They also need to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge of fund-raising mechanisms. As such it is important for the committee members to be actively involved in fund generation activities to increase the sources of funds. The analysis shows mosques’ committees need to build up close relationships with the outside organisation in getting contribution or fund. Finally, all mosques need to invite committee members who have some financial institution background to discuss the management strategy for improving its financial performance and in turn its quantity and quality of Fundraise Management.

Accountability issues in Mosque Funds Management

As accountability and internal controls are important issues in mosque fund management, it is suggested that internal control practises by MOHID Mosques Management Software on both receipt of income and funds disbursement require significant attention.

Focus should be stressed on the elements of internal control practises in order to be at the accepted level. This could be done by strengthening the implementation in relation to

  • segregation of duties,
  • physical custody,
  • recording of transactions,
  • and authorization.

Eliminating the weakness or problems identified may improve

  • the control over the resources,
  • strengthen accountability,
  • improve financial reporting and
  • improve relationship with the stakeholder.

Internal Control System of Mosques

In addition, the mosque committees need to create an effective internal control strategy to improve financial performance. Good internal control enhances transparency of the mosque which enhances donors’ confidence to contribute more funds to the mosque.

Scalars prove that lack of internal control has increased the numbers of business failure. Similarly, lack of control management in mosques in reporting the transactions such as receiving income, authorization, recording of financial transactions, and periodic reconciliation will affect the report of financial performance.

Proper internal control system will give better results in financial performance and shows that measuring effectiveness of internal control will improve the programs carried out by the mosque.

Good internal control system such as disbursement of funds, recording and reporting receipt of income will affect the financial management practice in mosques and enhance donors’ confidence to channel their money to the mosque. This in turn will improve its financial performance.

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