The English word “mosque” denotes a Muslim house of worship. This word was evolved from the Arabic term masjid, which means “place of prostration.” During prayer, Muslims briefly kneel and touch their foreheads to the ground and it’s considered as a submission to the will of God in Islam.

The Mosque is a place that is considered as the community center for Muslims and the mosque represents the nucleus of the Muslim family and community. Daily prayers are offered five times a day. Muslims gather for brief discussion and interaction with one another after prayers offering. This interaction enhances a level of unity in the community by strengthening religious social, spiritual, and economic bonds.

Friday is the important day of the week. Friday afternoons, Muslims hold their weekly congregational prayer commonly known in the Arabic language as Jummah, which means congregation. This weekly activity reminds and encourages the Muslim community to live a virtuous life according to Islam and improve the environment in which they live. The message is transferred by the Imam of the Mosque.

Masjid (Mosque) Management:

Typical Officials of Mosques:

Chairman, Treasurer, Public Relation Officer, Imam, Financial Secretory, Asset Maintenance Officer, Naibul Imam, Assistant General Secretary, Welfare Officer, Mufassir, General Secretory, Muazzin

The Imam:

The Imam is the noble and trustworthy leader of the community (similar to the priest); he gets respect and is looked up for spiritual guidance. Imam provides practical solutions and guidance for the challenges of our lives, the Imam is well versed in the Qur’an.

Mosque Management Committee:

Is the group of people who are responsible for guiding and managing the activities of the organization. They can also be known as a ‘board of trustees’ or ‘executive committee’. The Mosque management system shall constitute a committee named “Mosque’s Committee” consisting of  A Chairman appointed by the Commissioner;  A Secretary appointed by the Commissioner;  An Assistant Secretary if necessary, appointed by the Committee arrange regular management committee meetings is an essential purpose of the management committee. Meetings will help you to discuss, decide and plan for the needs of your Mosque and its users.

Role of MOHD as Management Software with MOHID Mosque CRM, you can automate and streamline:

Full Mosque Management including below

  • Donation Management
  • Masjid membership
  • Class registration
  • Event management and announcements
  • Zakat disbursement and fundraisers Management

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All payment transactions through the MOHID area unit are secured by 256-bit SSL coding between the purchasers and the MOHID server. The arthropod genus use HTTPS and no credit card info is kept by MOHID

Server Backups and information possession

Not solely will every mosque own their member information and might export it simply at any time, DeenTek uses geo-redundant infrastructure utilizing Amazon AWS, and that we take machine-controlled backups every twenty-four hours. Your information is your organization’s most significant quality, and that we take steps to make sure that it’s safe

Appointment of the Mosque committee and their personal qualities

Mosque Management Committee

Is a committee that ensures the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision, and accountability of Masjid. Mosques management committee manages internal and external affairs of the mosque; it is about how authority and responsibility is shared among senior staff and the management committee, board, or legal guardian.

Mohid CRM is helpful in Masjid management because the Mosque management committee, always keeps in mind the society should always give importance to the Mosque and Islamic education; only those who act upon in accordance with the laws of Allah Almighty should be selected for the Mosque. They should be those who have Iman in Allah and His Messenger and be firm Sunnis who hold sound faiths. They should be those who stay away from disbelievers, are aware of the beliefs of Ahl e Sunnah and be practicing people. Like other Muslims, the five times a Salah is Farz on the Mosque Similarly, as a Muslim, it is Farz to mention the fasts in the month of Holy Ramadan anyway, however, due to being a representative of the Mosques, the importance of this responsibility increases because the public pays deep attraction to the Mosques Committee in the matters of Salah and fasting, and if they notice any negligence, then they start to make objections. Some people even begin to protest in the Mosque, saying, ‘What kind of committee is this! They neither pray Salah nor do they keep fasts!’ etc. Good character is necessary and performing Mosques tasks are a very responsible activity so keeping this in mind MOHID provides all the necessary solutions to Mosques.

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