The total Number of Mosques to rise to nearly 4.5 million by 2025 so it is important for the management system to digitize mosques now.

As the number of mosques is growing worldwide, it is necessary for 4.5 million mosques to evolve and digitalize themselves with current technology for greater user interaction and easy flow.

To Digitize Mosques you need to find one such technology platform that helps the group members and internal teams to do their best jobs and maintain it remotely and seamlessly.

According to the MOHID, while the global population is expected to increase 32 percent by 2060, the number of Muslims is expected to rise 70 percent. The number of Muslims is estimated to equal the number of Christians around the world in the second half of this century.

“Islam is growing faster than any other religion”

Why is the global Muslim population so rapidly growing?

“Muslims are the world’s youngest big religious community. They have a median age of 24. And unlike every other religion, Muslims have more children than adults. About three children per Muslim woman, compared to about 2 children per woman in the world who are not Muslim.”

“People change religious sects, of course, and we have assessed religious change, but the story for Muslims as far as we can tell is just about natural growth: a lot more Muslims are born than die in any given year”.

How is the growing Muslim population affecting the number of Mosques?

The Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) launched phase one of the Smart Mosque projects and estimates there are approximately 3.6 million mosques around the world, which translates to around 500 Muslims for every mosque. With a 1.3 percent per annum growth, the number of mosques around the world is expected to reach 3.85 million by 2020. It said the number of new mosques built in different countries isn’t sufficient as it doesn’t balance the world’s rising Muslim population.

This is particularly so in European countries where, due to conversions, migration, and birth rates, there is a high rate of Muslim population growth. One of those countries in need of a significant number of new mosques in France. The president of the Islamic Council of France, Dalil Bubakr, says there are seven million Muslims and only 2200 mosques in the country. He added that, in order to meet the needs of French Muslims, the number of mosques in the country should at least double. There are only 1000 mosques in Britain as well, though 2 million Muslims live in the country making up 5 percent of the populationIndia is said to have the highest number of mosques in the world. The Asian state has 300,000 active mosques, more than any other country including the Muslim world.

Smart mosques show growing demand for digital Islamic services:

We don’t always think of religion as being at the leading edge when it comes to technology and innovation, but digital Islamic services is a fast-growing range.

Looking at the pace, it is clearly evident we are moving towards the time when we will reach a total of 4.5 billion mosques around the globe, estimated by the end of 2025, and 19 million communities – Islamic community centers, education, non-profit, society and organizations.

As the number of mosques are on the rise, it is important for these mosques to adapt with the current technology and digitize mosques for greater user engagement and easy flow.

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