Mosques are holy places and often operate through governmental financial support or donors’ funds. For this reason, mosques often make donation appeals (for those who don’t know, donation appeals are benefactor’s requests to get a donation from the donors).

However, keeping track of masjid donation appeals and management can be challenging, but MOHID can help. MOHID is cloud software that integrates with masjid’s hardware to ensure seamless masjid management. So, with this article, we are sharing how MOHID software helps manage the masjid donation appeals!

MOHID – What Is It?

MOHID is a cloud software system that does a fine job managing the masjid operations, streamlines the admin processes, and optimizing the database. In addition, it is designed with a payment and finance management system which actually helps manage the donation appeals, expenses, incomes, and other costs.

Moreover, the database feature helps maintain the records, and the payment feature can automate the donation appeals and related payments.

Managing Masjid Donation Appeals on MOHID Mosque CRM Software

To begin with, MOHID software can perform operational and administrative tasks while facilitating the donor and benefactor relationship. In addition, it helps manage the donation appeals, simplifies the donor data collection and organizing, and centralizes everything in one place.

s far as management of donation appeals is concerned, below are the following points that will show how MOHID software helps, such as;

  • Profile Development 

First of all, it helps develop the profiles of donors (no masjid can afford such a mistake). We do want to add that basic information, such as contact details and name, is not enough.

With MOHID software, complete and detailed profiles can be made, so masjid administration can know the donor and manage the appeals accordingly. In addition, it helps make outreach efforts based on the donor.

As far as the details are concerned, it helps add details regarding contact information, social media profiles, interests, family relationships, and demographics. Also, MOHID software allows the masjid administration to create custom fields to make personalized profiles as it helps keep track of interactions.

When the donor profiles are created, you can organize them, segment the database based on specific criteria, and target them with appeals accordingly.

  • History Tracking 

When it comes down to donations and benefactors, actions are always louder than words. Managing the donation appeals is effective, but biographical data doesn’t always define the donors. For this reason, MOHID software allows keeping track of the interactions (or how donors have interacted before).

It can help track the history not only in terms of donation but also in their presence at the events. With proper donor activities, the masjid administration will be able to gain insights and strategize the donation appeals based on the donors’ concerns, interests, and habits.

  • Developing Gift Patrons 

Every masjid has a pool of annual donors, and 80% of their expenses are covered by only 20% of these annual donors. In the majority of cases, these contributions are made in the form of major gifts, and they tend to be valuable for masjids. It can create a good portion of fundraising outcomes.

With MOHID software, the masjid administration will be able to ensure that they are getting the best outcomes from loyal donor populations with the help of development tools. It’s safe to say that it can help with improved donor cultivation.

So, with MOHID software, the donation appeals can be moved along the pipeline through major donors. To illustrate, it ensures that masjid is not skipping out on the major donors.

  • Automate The Reminder Alerts 

Oftentimes, masjid donors are passionate about supporting the cause, but they tend to be busy. This means that when life gets hectic, the donors will need a reminder to make timely donations. As a mosque, you also have various operations going on, and it can get in the way of reaching out to donors with donation appeals.

That being said, MOHID software can help set up and automate the reminder alerts, so the donation appeals are sent on time as well as the reminders. Also, since you can create a donor profile, you will be able to segment the donors in different lists, and you won’t need to draft the emails anymore. However, we do want to add that if emails or SMS are automated, don’t forget to send a paper letter to make it intuitive and interactive.

  • Online Donations 

When you use MOHID software to manage donation appeals, you can also provide online payment systems to the donors. This is because MOHID has a well-defined payment processing system that allows you to accept donations online. As a mosque, you can also create campaign-oriented and personalized donation appeals. In addition, the donation forms can be created and incorporated into the mosque’s website for optimizing the donation experience.

  • Accept Multiple Contributions 

MOHID software was designed to manage the mosques, and that’s why it’s an effective platform for differentiating between different types of donations. For instance, these contributions include planned gifts, recurring gifts, matching gifts, stock gifts, and more.

With the help of tracking features, you will be able to track the donations and gifts in return for a donation appeal. Also, the CRM features allow the processing of various contributions and appeals within a matter of a few minutes.

  • Accurate Documents

This might not feel related to donation appeal management, but it plays an essential role in optimizing the financial reports. With MOHID Mosque CRM software, the mosque administration can create correct financial reports. It is actually essential to keep track of the mosque’s financial health and progress so that you can plan the donation appeals accordingly. Also, it helps maintain the finances for taxes and securing grants.

To conclude, donation appeals are essential for mosques since they help request donations, but MOHID CRM Software is a promising choice for managing donation appeals, donors, and donation-related operations.


Yes, there are donor management features available so that mosques can identify and improve donor relationships. In addition, it helps manage different donor profiles and donations.

Yes, MOHID software helps keep track of the donors. That’s because it allows the mosque administration to create donor profiles and keep track of them.

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