This advanced tool MOHID handheld has emerged as one of the well-sought after and multi-pronged techniques to generate funds without involving cash payment. This revolutionary tool has enabled most of the Masjids to multiply the scope of fund generation and enhanced their donations two-fold via digital transactions.

Elimination of cash payment, pledge forms, and paperwork procedures, MOHID Handheld facilitates digital payments not only for donations, charities, and pledges but also for Wedding Expenses, Hall Rentals, Event Tickets, and also for small Tea Parties and Gatherings.

To draw a strategic analysis for MOHID Handheld, the following attributes can justifiably be applicable for all the Users. It is a complete Sale Point or Stand-alone digital payment mode. Fairly priced with a couple of “choose from” options.

This not only accepts all Debits and Credit Cards but transactions are performed in an unbelievably breezy moment.

Real-time data tracking and automation of accounting systems unfold a wide variety of virtual portals to do paperless precious assignments and financial tasks.

The sign-up process online will take less than 5 minutes without involving any orthodox paperwork.

In today’s hustle and bustle, we all love to carry handheld devices, but the enormity of success is well within one’s grasp, if technology-driven tools and solutions translate our financial and administrative needs into productive achievements, which are offered through MOHID Handheld.

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