Integration of functions serves as a defining tool in not only improving the management systems but also providing value addition is the designated tasks for yield-based performances. MOHID Cloud has devised an amalgamation of activities layers in a highly traceable manner. For example, processing all kinds of donation payment through various modes – credit cards, cheques, ACH, etc. on computers or websites, MOHID’s self-service Donation Kiosk, Mobile App, and its Portal easily facilitates accessibility from any part of the world.

In addition, capturing information, storing and retrieving vital information, when urgently needed, call for real-time service feature, which MOHID Cloud comfortably serves and disseminates. Because the elimination of tasks, more importantly in fund management, is truly a feature greatly sought after by the institutions, especially reports generating not only for the stakeholders but also for taxation purposes go a long way in ensuring hassle-free jobs completion.

This way Masjids Management can approach their Donors in an informed manner and will also let their Donors make informed decisions for generating more donations by creating a WIN-WIN scenario.

Besides, leveraging Centralized and Regional operations to effectively configure workstations is another feature of MOHID Cloud aimed at empowering local resource centers in a strategically controlled fashion.

MOHID Cloud is free from budgetary constraints for our Users and they find immense value-based technological advantages.

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