We reside in a digital world and every angle of our diurnal life is dependent on digital form, so why not use a digital platform to handle your mosque?  MOHID can help you run your mosque operations uniquely. Around more than 500 different Masaajid are doing in the entire world? For effective fundraising and management, you require MOHID, guiding mosque cloud operation software. Organizing religious forums take a lot of trouble and time and by using the MOHID system organizing Islamic Seminars Made Easy.

MOHID program enrollment module offers online enrollment and offers the option of attendance. It streamlines the payment process by permitting people to register for forums using MOHID Kiosk and Mobile app.

MOHID can help the Masjid administration. Performing religious duties is a noble act. Mosque operation software helps add engagements and raise further finances. Thus, numerous MASAAJID put their trust in MOHID w/c ease performing of their religious duties.

ZAKAT Management System

MOHID ZAKAT operation system is a coherent body that allows Masaajid to manage all stages of ZAKAT donations and distributions.

MOHID supply’s complete information on the finances to the contributors.

MOHID understands that people want to know where and how their zakat is used, so we try to satisfy the benefactors by making a helpful terrain.

MOHID Donation Kiosk helps you to make a bond with the benefactors, thereby, adding finances.

MOHID ensures data security with the help of an information safety plan and electronic duty and payment bills.

Manage your Mosque Members

Masjid members help in smooth operations but managing them is a headache too

A hassle-free Donations Collecting Process

MOHID’s Donor operation system helps in managing the donations and helping you to raise more donations efficiently.

MOHID can do for you.

  • Increased capability to raise plutocrat
  • Recording the deals
  • Reporting to your members
  • Recording and saving important data
  • gives the data in real-time situation

From your MOHID account, MOHID mobile app, or MOHID donation kiosk, you can operate financial deals. Your people can come to your members (a figure or no-figure) by fluently subscribing up through your website. Also, their class gate will be created.

Other features involve the option to see/ publish donation checks and periodic duty missions directly from their web doors.

Organize and Manage Events

Effective collaboration between the organizers is crucial to a successful event. With MOHID, you can supply sign-up and entry forms online to asking people. You can make adverts; shoot newsletters and automated emails to members and people on your contact list saved in the MOHID portal.

Likewise, you can shoot digital bills of payments through dispatch and SMS as well as get your dispatch delivery indicator automatically streamlined. You can also modify the list for any specific advertisement.

MOHID Plus Mobile functionalities for Fundraising

All payment processing from every kind of donor by which you can grow your donor base.

MOHID eases payments for literally anything, anywhere.

The need and demand for instant payment is getting deep into every corner of our daily life operations. As a reply to the rise of mobile and android phones and cashless payments, MOHID has shown a revolutionary donation gathering tool that is millstone to cater needs of your Masjid fundraising management in the 21st Century. Most of the Masjid’s using the MOHID Plus Mobile system have operationally doubled their donations by utilizing the acceptance of digital transactions and functionalities.

MOHID advanced mobile card payment device removed the need for cash in hand, paperwork, and pledge forms.

MOHID plus Mobile payment devices make Masajid’s and charities operationally accept pledges, payment, and donations efficiently and properly. It’s easy to use, compact, cost-efficient, and targeted at enabling donors, to give easily without having cash in hand. With MOHID mobile card payment device, individuals can make pledges, donate and pay for the wedding, event tickets

  • Accepts payments smartly, quickly, and securely

MOHID Handheld is a unique payment device and can be referred to an as a complete point of sale system

  • Fair Pricing and Simple

Choose one pricing plan out of two, and just pay a small fee when accepting a transaction for all devices

  • giving on the go

MOHID Handheld makes mobile payment processing a boom

  • Acceptance of all credit & debit cards

Accept all major credit & debit cards from American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro

  • Tracks sales in real scenario and time

Get real-time insights into data and trends that are driving your Fundraising and donations, and track key metrics

  • Automated accounting

Directly linked to your accounting system and fully automated

  • Fixed transaction fee

Based on your plan, pay a fixed transaction fee, Payouts go directly into your bank account

  • Sign-up in 5 minutes

No paperwork is needed. 100% Online sign-up.

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