Why Islamic Community is Such an Integral Part of Islam and Muslim Life?

Islamic Community has been a critical element of Muslim lifestyles and way of life from the onset of Islam. In fact, while requested why the Prophet (S) cherished his first wife, Khadija so much, he responded, “She believed in me whilst nobody else did.” This factors to the human want for connection – and the way some distance it is going in the direction of our emotional and intellectual wellness. 

When Islam turned into nevertheless new to Makkah, and Quraysh turned into hell-bent on accusing absolutely everyone who believed or accompanied Prophet Muhammad (saw), Muslims used to fulfill in personal with inside the domestic of al-Arqam to examine and analyze the Quran.

The Prophet (saw) stored a near circle of pals and confidantes round him who performed a key function in keeping his lifestyles and his teachings.

And, possibly the maximum lovely instance of network in our records is whilst the Muslims migrated from Makkah to Madinah, and the Ansar (the humans of Madinah) actually shared their homes, cash and lives with the Muhajiroon (the migrants who got here from Makkah).

That is one of the maximum selfless acts a set of humans should do for one some other. This is all to mention that network and network guide is held with inside the maximum regard in Islam and is something all of us ought to prioritize in our lives.

Prayer in Congregation because the Basis of Islamic Community:

One of the primaries matters the Prophet (S) did upon transferring to Madinah turned into constructing a masjid to grow to be the middle of Muslim lifestyles and network. Salah – the MOST vital act a Muslim have to do – is a deeply private one-on-one time among a Muslim and his Lord. However, it’s far strongly encouraged to be completed in congregation as well. 

Reflect on that for a minute; why could Allah (S) ask this of us? What are the repercussions at the believers for doing so? Prayer, at the side of Hajj, is one of the maximum lovely presentations of humanity (and equality). A king isn’t any special than a servant, a bad guy no special than a wealthy one.

We all line up dealing with the identical direction, shoulder to shoulder, dealing with our Creator. All limitations are null and void, 5 instances a day. What a lovely reminder of our shared faith, morals and ideals, and what a superb manner to maintain ourselves in check, to be aware about what our brother and sisters is probably going through, what their wishes are, and what we are able to do as a collective to uplift every different and the Muslim ummah.

On the turn side, loneliness is certainly considered one among the largest plagues in our society. Its modifications our mind and will increase our ranges of cortisol (strain hormone), which erodes our first-class of lifestyles, sleep and common fitness and wellbeing.

It can have an effect on our judgment and power us to the threshold of suicide, bringing on a disaster or even violence. In an international in which we’re ever connected, we’re more and more disconnected, locating ourselves without a network, without a “village,” and without even a huge sufficient circle of pals. 

But … believe an international in which at the least as soon as a day, you had the possibility to hook up with a brother or sister in faith. Where the lady who made the choice to take off her hijab can nevertheless stroll into her masjid and get the identical enthusiastic “Salaam!” she used to get whilst she wore it.

Where the boy who did tablets in advance this week can nevertheless sense like he can flip to Allah (S) among his brothers in Islam. Where the female who simply miscarried can discover love and guide on any given day on the masjid.

Where the person who simply misplaced his process and has no own circle of relative’s round can discover compassion and perhaps even a few jesters remedy among his congregation to make a tough day a bit much less tough.

Our fulfillment as humans, and as Muslims, lies with inside the following hadith. The Prophet (saw) said:

“A believer to some other believer is sort of a constructing whose special components guide every different.” The Prophet then clasped his arms with the hands interlaced whilst announcing that.” (Bukhari) He additionally said: “The believers of their mutual kindness, compassion and sympathy are much like one frame. When one of the limbs suffers, the complete frame responds to it with wakefulness and fever.”

In constructing network, the Prophet (saw) makes it a factor to even claim that our brothers and sisters in Islam have rights over us. Once a Sahabi said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (advantages and peace of Allah be upon him) say:

“The rights of 1 Muslim over some other are five: Returning the greeting of salaam, touring the sick, attending funerals, accepting invitations, and announcing yarhamuk Allah (may also Allah have mercy on you) to one that sneezes.”

Establishing Islamic Communities in America:

As Muslims residing inside the United States of America, we are every now and then confronted with an identification disaster of sorts; we are by no means American enough, by no means native (to our nations of origin) enough. We’re adjusted; however, we are additionally now no longer.

We’re born Muslims, or we are converts, we are first generation, 2nd generation, or even native-born residents of this united states, and so we do not continually experience possession to it.

It’s time we shed that lack of confidence and recognize that we belong on these united states as the subsequent person. Only then do we passionately make investments our instances, lend our voices and participate in our united states of America’s politics.

Islam definitely encourages humans to be lively residents in whatever land they inhabit. This way gazing and upholding the legal guidelines of the land and actively enticing and running to satisfy every different needs.


In addition to being an area of prayer, the mosque presents educational, political welfare, and warfare decision offerings in instances of dispute among groups, families, couples, and individuals.

Islam definitely encourages humans to be lively residents in something land they inhabit. This way staring at and upholding the legal guidelines of the land and actively attractive and running to satisfy every different needs. ... Different humans must work in extraordinary regions of well, and now no longer undermine one another.

Islam, based on character and collective morality and responsibility, brought a social revolution withinside the context wherein it changed into first revealed. Collective morality is said withinside the Qur'an in such terms as equality, justice, fairness, society, kindness, sympathy, unity, and freedom of choice.

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