Nowadays when everything works in just a single tap or click, what’s better than being able to manage one’s charity and religious concerns through it as well? MOHID mosque management software provides exact same services. It enables one to manage all mosque-related tasks virtually. These tasks mainly include organizing religious seminars, managing mosque memberships, or fund and Zaqat dealings. MOHID makes it easier to manage them without any paperwork or being physically involved in them. It makes it much convenient to organize a mosque in a better way. 

Easy Transactions

MOHID provides tools for easy payments of funds, Zaqat, and charities. It completely digitalizes the whole payment procedure. It does not involve any paperwork, physical interaction, or cash payments. This motivates more people to participate and simultaneously increases the donation rate. Moreover, it’s very easy to be a part of this software. It takes minutes to sign-up with the online portal and not the only debit but, it even allows credit card transactions within seconds.  

MOHID Kiosk and Zaqat Management

MOHID Kiosk aims to remove any problems regarding charity payments. Also, it makes the transaction procedure as see-through as it could. It provides the donors and mosque members a proper knowledge about their donations. A donor’s satisfaction regarding how their funds are being used is a priority. Also, MOHID creates a supportive environment for that. MOHID Kiosk helps in understanding and building better relations with the donors. This results in obtaining more donations. 

Besides that, MOHID makes sure to keep the payments safe and secure. Its high data security and information protection system help to keep things trusted. Also, It digitally provides tax and payment receipts that create further trust.  

Membership Management

MOHID provides a membership management portal to have easy access to the mosque members. Writing down and categorizing the members’ data manually gets difficult when one has many other tasks to focus on. Therefore, MOHID makes it easier by keeping up with the data. It categorizes the members accordingly to their characteristics. It gives easy access to the required candidate at immediate times. 

Easy Event Management

Event management itself is a demanding task and a Lack of coordination among employees can make it even more difficult. Religious gatherings or seminars are events that mosques organize. However, they seem very immediate but require much planning and scheduling regarding time, space, or attendees. It becomes hard to manage sometimes. MOHID provides the facility to schedule and organize mosque events in a better way. It provides sign-up and registration forms digitally to interested candidates. Furthermore, it sends direct notifications to members to keep them updated about the mosque events. 


It is a rapidly developing world, where people go for convenient, immediate, and digital ways to perform their dues. MOHID mosque management software facilitates them to practice their religious tasks through some touches and clicks. It gives a virtual platform to perform religious duties. And in addition to that, it also acknowledges and motivates the youth regarding those duties. Either being a Mosque keeper or a member, one should go for it. 

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