Rajab is one of the 4 sacred months specified via way of means of Allah (SWT), making it of unique importance in conjunction with Dhul al-Qadah, Dhul Hijjah, and Muharram. There are many advantages to be sought in Rajab, however it’s far an exceedingly spiritual time as numerous key activities befell at some stage in this month, too.

What Does Rajab Mean?

There are numerous versions of the call of the month of Rajab, inclusive of Rajab al-Murajjab which means ‘remarkable honor’. It is likewise occasionally referred to as Rajab al-Asamm which means ‘deafening and silent’, regarding the truth that battle and preventing is banned at some stage in those times.

Another call the month frequently is going via way of means of is Rajab the Separate One. This is due to the fact Rajab does now no longer fall subsequent to the alternative 3 sacred months – it’s far on its own.

Why is Rajab Month Significant?

The significance of Rajab as an Islamic month comes from the truth that Allah (SWT) selected it as one of the 4 unique months at some stage in which preventing and battle is exactly forbidden. The different 3 sacred months run in succession to every different and surround the Hajj. 

Allah (SWT) made Dhul al-Qadah sacred in order that Muslims can properly journey to Mecca for the Hajj, He made Dhul Hijjah sacred in order that Muslims can perform their spiritual responsibility of Hajj without being attacked, and He made Muharram sacred in order that Muslims can get domestic properly after the Hajj. 

Rajab doesn’t fall near Hajj, however it become devoted as a sacred month in order that Muslims can perform Umrah (the smaller, non-compulsory pilgrimage to Mecca), in safety. Like the alternative 3 holy months, each correct and awful deeds are judged and rewarded/punished greater seriously at some stage in Rajab, highlighting the spiritual significance of the month. 

The Prophet (PBUH) stated Rajab is the month of Allah (SWT).

He recited: “Rajab is the month of Allah, Sha ‘ban is my month and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah.

Significant Rajab Events:

In addition to being a sacred month, there have been several noteworthy activities that befell at some stage in the 7th month of the year.

The Marriage of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Parents

Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) dad and mom are stated to had been wed at some stage in the auspicious month of Rajab.

The Conception of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

“It is a month in which human beings have a tendency to neglect, among the months of Rajab and Ramadan. It is a month wherein the deeds are raised to the Lord of the worlds, and I like my deeds to be raised at the same time as I am fasting.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) found out approximately the Surah Al Ahzab, the 56th verse of the Holy Quran in Shaban. The surah pursuits at revealing the advantages and rewards of praying to Allah. Additionally, the Muslims used to hope in the direction of Qibla positioned in Masjid Al Aqsa. Allah later discovered to the Prophet that he and all of the believers of Islam need to face Masjid Al Haram as an appropriate path at some stage in Namaz. Also, the start of Abbas Ibn Ali is widely known on four Shaban.

Shaban fasting

As Ramadan is the month of harvesting top deeds, fasting earlier than and after multiplies the harvest. Therefore, fasting for the duration of Shaban and Shawwal is surprisingly useful and rewarding. Fasting in the month of Shaban fetches advantages a ways and beyond. Along with fasting, Muslims need to pray to Allah and recite the holy Quran for asking His permission to preserve the fasts and be blessed in Ramadan.

The Night Journey

One of the maximum tremendous activities in all of Islam and certainly for the duration of Rajab is Al-Isra’ wal Miraj, the Night Journey and Ascension. The Prophet (PBUH) become experiencing worry withinside the run as much as the Night Journey. He became going through severe adversity from the Quraysh following the dying of his first wife, Khadijah, and his uncle, Abu Talib. He misplaced all safety once they died, and plenty of human beings rejected his Islamic messages. 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) become taken to the Kaaba through Angel Jibril who opened his chest and cleansed it with Zamzam water earlier than pouring in know-how and faith. In his very own words, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated Angel Jibril: “opened my chest, and washed it with Zamzam water. Then he added a golden tray complete of know-how and faith, and having poured its contents into my chest, he closed it.” 

After that, the Prophet (PBUH) become provided with a Buraq – a creature that become smaller than a mule however larger than a donkey, and whose stride become big. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) established the Buraq and began the adventure to Jerusalem. He and Angel Jibril made a couple of stops alongside the manner to hope, with the primary being in Medina. The Prophet (PBUH) had now no longer but migrated to Madinah, however he did so comply with the Night Journey. 

After Madinah, they stopped at Mount Sinai that is in which Allah (SWT) found out the Torah to Prophet Musa (AS), after which they went to Bethlehem, in which Prophet Isa (AS) become born. After this, they stopped to grey on the grave of Prophet Musa (AS), earlier than accomplishing Masjid Al-Aqsa. This is in which Angel Jibril and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encountered the opposite 24 Prophets who preceded Muhammad (PBUH) and that they stood in prayer together. 

After praying, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Jibril ascended the seven heavens. In the primary heaven he noticed Adam (AS), and withinside the 2nd heaven he become welcomed through Isa (AS) and Yahya (AS). In the 0.33 heaven become Yusuf (AS), and withinside the fourth become Idris (AS). In the 5th heaven they have been greeted through Harun (AS), and withinside the 6th they have been greeted through Musa (AS). The 7th heaven noticed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) meet Ibrahim (AS). 

After this, the Prophet (PBUH) and Angel Jibril went to the maximum boundary in which Allah (SWT) commanded Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his fans to hope 50 instances an afternoon. On his descension via the heavens, Musa (AS) requested Muhammad (PBUH) what Allah (SWT) had ordered, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) instructed him. Musa (AS) stated that fifty prayers an afternoon become an excessive amount of of a burden for the Islamic fans, so Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went again to Allah (SWT) to invite for a reduction, which He granted. After the Night Journey, 5 every day prayers have been implemented.


The naked bones of Buraq seem like this. From the Arabic root b-r-q, because of this that to polish or sparkle, her call inspires the lightning pace with which she carried the Prophet from Mecca to Jerusalem and thereon to heaven, an episode called the mi ‘raj, or "ascension".

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