MOHID CRM software might not be related to donation appeal management, but it plays a very pivotal role in optimizing the financial reports. With MOHID CRM Software, the mosque administration can create financial reports because it’s very important to keep track of the mosque’s financial progress so that you can plan the Donation kiosk in the USA appeals accordingly.

Hence, donation appeals are essential for mosques since they help and favor donations, and MOHID CRM Software is a promising choice for managing donation appeals, donors, and donation-related operations.

MOHID Online Donation

MOHID Online donation software program additionally manages donations appeals and you may additionally offer on-line payment systems to the donors. No doubt MOHID has a well-planned payment processing system that allows you to accept donations online.

So, for the donors, MOHID software creates campaign-oriented and personalized donations appeals and for this purpose donations forms can be created and incorporated into the mosque’s website for optimizing the donation experience.

MOHID Tracking System

When it comes down to donations and benefactors, biographical data doesn’t always define the donors. For this purpose, MOHID Tracking software program permits maintaining track of the interactions, it is able to assist track the records now no longer handiest in terms of donation however additionally of their presence on the events, and with right donor activities, the masjid management might be capable of preserve donation appeals primarily based totally at the donors, concerns, interest, and habits.

MOHID Profile Development

MOHID Donation Kiosk in the USA the word Donation will motivate you through your tough training days and encourage you after you want you are not making progress towards your fundraising target. Share a number of motivational quotes about giving along with your donors to provide and motivate your fundraising efforts a lift.

There has never been a more important time to influence people to grant than right now. Even because the approach for fundraising or Donation adjustments over 12 months and new avenues for giving and gathering are advanced the aim of effect stays the same.

Services to others is a rent you pay for your room here on earth (Mohammad Ali).

In this Digital Era of the 21st century, to carry out your nonprofit’s mission effectively, you wish a straightforward thanks to collect online donations. Online fundraising saves your nonprofit precious time and resources that you just would otherwise spend managing physical donation forms.

So, what’s the simplest thanks to collecting donations online and contactless to encourage your donors to travel digitally. MOHID Donation Kiosk in the USA is a superb example of compiling overall fundraising strategy and reworking that into achieving Mosque’s Fundraising Objectives. 

However, traditional and online fundraising platforms also have the same importance but here to quote as an Example of MOHID Donation Kiosk in the USA has shifted an entirely new world of collecting contactless Donations functionalities of non-profit organizations, and Mosques also!

So why not develop and think about these steps, or simply getting started? This guide unpacks the simplest thanks to collect online donations and maximize your digital contribution by using the MOHID Donation Kiosk in the USA as a contactless payment and Donations Kiosk in the USA. Here are our details as below:

  • MOHID Software
  • MOHID Social Media Account Advertising 
  • MOHID CRM Software
  • MOHID Online Donation
  • MOHID Tracking System
  • MOHID Profile Development
  • MOHID Plus Mobile App

MOHID Software

MOHID donation will be a cloud package deal that does an amazing activity dealing with the masjid operations, admin processes, and optimizing the database. Additionally, it’s designed with a payment plan and finance management system which actually looks out and manages the donation appeal, expenses, and other income.

Additionally, the database capabilities additionally appear in the records of payments capabilities that can automate the MOHID donations Kiosk in USA appeals and associated bills.

MOHID Social Media Account advertising

MOHID social media accounts offer at no cost to our users. MOHID donation kiosk in the USA targeted and enhanced our software by own ads or third-party ads, both on and off the location using Bulletin Boards and Ad networks.

Our MOHID donations kiosk in the USA uses ad technology like web beacons, pixels, anonymous as network tags, and cookies to more effectively serve ads to our users.

MOHID CRM Software

Helps to develop the profiles of donors like basic information, contact detail, and name. With MOHID software, entire and distinct profiles can be made, so in both cases, the masjid management can test the donor and control the appeals accordingly.

Additionally, because the information is concerned, it enables you to upload information concerning touch information, social media profiles, interests, your own circle of relatives relationships, and different aspects.

MOHID Mobile App

The call for immediate charge is growing in each discipline of our lives. In reaction to the upward thrust of cell phones, contactless donations, and cashless payments, MOHID is introducing a modern donation collecting app that may be used to propel your Masjid into the twenty first Century.

There are many Masjids who use the MOHID Mobile app as a result, have actually doubled their donations with the aid of accepting virtual transactions. With our MOHID Mobile app, people could make pledges, deliver contactless donations and additionally pay wedding ceremony fees, corridor hires, occasion tickets, and plenty of extra centers had been taken via our MOHID Mobile App.


Yes!, you must keep your username and password confidential and not share it with others.

No! Children under the age of 12 are not eligible to use our service

Yes! You can change and review the personal information you provided to us and make any desired changes to the information you publish through the MOHID account.

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