Technology is growing rapidly in today’s world. We have come a long way now. Sometimes, we did not know that we would go this far in technological advancements. Today, when we look back, it seems that it would not be possible to look at the resources at that time. But now with times passing Mosques are also introducing The Mosque management system which is also known as Mosque booking system. It is an advanced system that enables the Masjid’s management committee to better manage the mosque by using advanced technology.

In a fast-moving world with high-tech technology, even Mosques are taking steps to integrate advanced tech solutions. Mosques are now growing trees and using renewable energy. They are also introduced to the Mosque management system.

There are many things made possible through it, like online fundraising for mosques and cloud-based software. Two of the most important things about the Mosque booking system are mentioned below:


Apps are used to connect people of the Masjid community with the Masjid. There are many benefits of the apps, including Iqamah alerts and Qiblah direction.

Masjid Donation Kiosk:

Masjid donation kiosk is one of the advanced devices that is used by organizations. It can be customized to your needs, and you can put up many things to be displayed on it, like event details or QR codes for donations.

It all started a long time ago, but significant technological advancements started in the 20th century, and the 21st century boosted it. In the mid of 20th century, things started to change, and we got a structure of how our future would look like. Many inventions and advancements changed the way we look at our future. Some of the significant inventions of the 20th century are listed below:


It is one of the essential things invented in the 20th century that we still use, and the automobile market is now so huge that one cannot even imagine. Every year more than 20 million cars are being sold, and around 80 million new cars are manufactured. This explains how big the automobile market is.


Computers are the biggest turnover of our times. They have taken the world to new dimensions, and everything is now on them. You can do whatever you want just through your computer without needing any assistance.


Since Airplanes were invented, they have made travel so much easier for us. It has shortened the distance of miles into yards. You can go from one country to another in hours now. Before airplanes were invented, it took days and even months to travel.

Artificial Intelligence:

Machines using their intelligence to execute work is called Artificial Intelligence or AI. There has been so much working on AI since it was invented. There are many things that were possible through AI, including smart homes and removing online disinformation.


The Internet is the best thing that happened to us. Without it, we will not be able to come this far. The Internet has played a huge role in making our world grow in terms of technological progress. The Internet has helped us get connected to each other through devices by using it.


There was a time when people did not even think of going to different cities by air, but now with the help of spacecraft, we can even go into space. In the near future, we will be able to go into space too.

The 21st century gave a boost to the technological sector and took it even further into the future. Some of them are listed below:

Social Media:

Social media has taken over the world by storm since it was launched. Today more than 4 billion people use social media, which translates to more than half of the world’s population. This tells us how much impact it has made on people.


One of the major breakthroughs of technology was Blockchain. It is so popular nowadays, and it has changed the stock market and transaction system. Blockchain still has a lot of potential, and it will grow even further.


Because blockchain cryptocurrency was introduced, and since then, people have been investing huge amounts in it and are making loads of profits. It is a virtual currency that works on blockchain technology. It is not centralized, so no individual can control it.

3D Printing:

In the late ’90s’90s, 3D printing was used just for industrial purposes, but now 3D printing is so advanced that it is now used commercially too. It is accurate and repeatable, and you can also customize the 3D model according to your needs.

Internet Of Things (IoT):

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made our lives a lot easier. It has enabled smart devices, and the whole process is really seamless. Because of the IoT-controlled devices, you can do whatever you want from anywhere smoothly.

Augmented Reality (AR):

One of the things that got the attention was Augmented Reality. AR is basically a virtual world. You can experience many things, including games. There are many AR-enabled devices like eyeglasses and heads-up displays.

There is still a very big gap between the world’s technologies and Mosques, but it is growing really fast, and it will catch up with the latest technologies soon. We will see a different environment of Mosques in the near future, and it will be worth it. We look forward to more new and advanced technologies. It will be an overwhelming experience for all of us.

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