At MOHID, we’ve got several ‘widespread’ budgets, such as an Orphans Fund and an Emergency Fund. These budgets have foremost purposes:

  • A standard fund allows us aid beneficiaries greater effectively, because it lets in our nearby specialists to allocate your Zakat and Sadaqah to in which its miles maximum wished at the floor. For example, they are able to determine to offer orphans a faculty bus or new uniforms, relying on what’s maximum wished.
  • A well-known fund additionally way donors have greater flexibility in how a lot they supply to a cause. For example, a few donors may also need to offer easy water however they are able to have the funds for to construct a well. They can installation a £five normal donations to the Safe Water Fund instead, to gain the rewards of this Sadaqah Jariyah.

As a charity, we usually attempt to uphold our transparency in the direction of you. We need you to understand precisely how we use the donations you supply to our widespread budget! With that during mind, we’ve prepared an editorial approximately our Emergency Fund, explaining why it’s important, who its miles assisting and the way your charity makes a difference.

What is the reason of the Emergency Fund?

The dictionary definition of an emergency is ‘a serious, unexpected, and frequently risky state of affairs requiring on the spot action’. This ‘on the spot action’ is precisely what our Emergency Fund is for.

Your donations to this fund permit us to reply right away to herbal failures or conflict. From supplying warm food to earthquake survivors to dispensing blankets to refugees fleeing violence, your charity allows sufferers get thru the worst of a risky state of affairs.

Why is the Emergency Fund important?

As a disaster unfolds, it’s miles vital to get resource to sufferers as quickly as possible. Without delay, they want to be fed, clothed, given clinical resource and sheltered.

The Emergency Fund way that we do now no longer should spend important hours fundraising earlier than we are able to reply to a disaster. Before we even ship out an attraction electronic mail or submit a social media post, our crew are at the floor equipped to offer remedy. They can right now start shopping and dispensing important objects like blankets, easy water and mosquito nets, actually saving lives.

Where do you ship donations to the Emergency Fund?

The Emergency Fund is used whilst a catastrophe moves anyplace, we’ve got a crew or a companion at the floor.

For example, our crew paintings very difficult if something took place unsodden. So, whilst flooding struck exceptional nations in September 2020, our groups ought to right now verify the state of affairs and use the Emergency Fund to reply.

In each situations:

  • An emergency struck
  • We had a crew at the floor, so we reached out to them
  • We dispatched them budget to reply right now

Already having a crew at the floor, we are able to then ship you an electronic mail or add a social media post, informing you that we’re already responding to the disaster and reminding you that you may supply to the Emergency Fund to assist.

In instances in which we don’t have a crew or companion to paintings with, we are able to reply for the duration of the primary few days of a disaster.

But we understand you’re nerve-racking to assist out, so we are able to do our high-quality to search for a companion to assist us distribute resource as quickly as possible.

For example, after current flooding, we discovered a companion who had humans at the floor, however now no longer sufficient budget to paintings with. By combining our resources, they are able to fly distribute remedy that you’ve dispatched to survivors, all way to the Emergency Fund.

What is the distinction between ‘Emergency’ and ‘Where Most Needed’?

We even have a Where Most Needed Fund on our website, which we’ve defined in element on this article. Here is a short summary:

The Where Most Needed Fund isn’t always definitely our ‘disaster mode’ fund. Its cause isn’t always on the spontaneous alleviation; rather, it offers consistent guide to all of our tasks. It regularly works along the Emergency Fund to carry alleviation to the maximum vulnerable, however it additionally continues our long-time period tasks going for walks after they don’t have sufficient budget. The Where Most Needed Fund is accordingly for assembly any want of our international tasks, each emergency and long-time period.

On the opposite hand, the Emergency Fund is only devoted to emergencies. We realize that while you see a catastrophe unfolding at the information or social media, you right now need to attain out and assist the bowled over and distressed survivors – and the Emergency Fund way you may do that instantly, at the identical day a disaster strikes.

Does my complete donation visit the ones in want?

Our Emergency Fund has the identical donation coverage because the relaxation of our tasks: 90% is going to tasks at the floor, 10% is going to producing in addition budget to guide those tasks. We have included this in extra element in:

  • How Your Money is Spent
  • A hundred% Zakat Policy

Thus, in case you deliver £1 closer to the Emergency Fund, 90p will pass closer to critical items – e.g., meals and blankets – even as 10p will pass closer to elevating extra budget. This 10p isn’t always for admin prices, as all our admin prices are included with the aid of using Gift Aid. Instead, this 10p is only for elevating and accumulating budget for our humanitarian tasks, inclusive of emergency alleviation.

In this way, your donation permits us to tell even extra humans approximately the pressing wants at the floor, that allows you to assist out too.

Why have to I deliver often to the Emergency Fund?

There are such a lot of humans presently in a ‘weaker’ state of affairs than ours. In the slums of Bangladesh, overcrowding and bad making plans have placed bad households prone to fire. On the banks of the river Nile, weather alternate is worsening the once-a-year flooding – in 2020, the waters of the Nile rose to fifty-seven feet, the very best in a hundred years, main to a nation of emergency. Turkey is recuperating from wildfires in one hundred thirty districts.

Thus, from international warming to political instability, increasingly households are locating themselves in emergency situations. When catastrophe strikes, they may be examined with hunger, displacement and grief – and that they want us to assist.

We are in an area of energy, with the assets to assist; we will guide them after they locate themselves in a role of vulnerability.

By putting in place a month-to-month donation to the Emergency Fund, you may be a supply of energy for others even as shielding yourself from calamity, in sha Allah.

When our group at the floor are confronted with an earthquake, flooding or a surprising outbreak of violence, we won’t want to waste time fundraising. We won’t want to scramble searching for guide. We won’t want to put off dispensing life-saving alleviation.

Instead, that £10 you gave, that £five you gave, even that £1 you gave, way we will assist sufferers and survivors instantly.

We will have already got the money – all we want to do is ship your donation to in which Allah (swt) has written it’ll pass.


The dictionary definition of an emergency is ‘a serious, unexpected, and frequently risky scenario requiring on the spot action’. This ‘instant action’ is precisely what our Emergency Fund is for.

Your donations to this fund permit us to reply immediately to herbal failures or conflict. From supplying warm food to earthquake survivors to dispensing blankets to refugees fleeing violence, your charity enables sufferers get via the worst of a risky scenario.

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