Mosques or Masajid ought to have their very own web sites. It is the high-quality manner to construct an internet presence and tell the area people approximately upcoming non secular events, classes, workshops or any form of announcements.  Developers have labored tough to make the method of constructing web sites as clean as possible.

This publish makes a specialty of the way to construct a internet site for a mosque or masjid for human beings who’ve no enjoy in creating a internet site. So, maintain this factor in thoughts MOHID is imparting you an unfastened internet site in your mosque however you need to buy the plugins for the internet site.

The method of creating a mosque internet site is similar to some other internet site. After putting in place the simple foundations you may need to adjust the content material to make it in shape your wishes and switch the internet site into the seams of a mosque internet site.

The preliminary attention ought to be on putting the principles of a internet site. So, we can wreck the internet site making method into parts.

In the preliminary element, the area after which web website hosting could be very essential for the internet site. The 2d element could be approximately selecting a unfastened subject matter to installation the layout basis of the internet site that is supplied via way of means of MOHID.

Lastly, you need to buy a few essential plugins on the way to assist upload essential functionalities for a mosque internet site.


Let’s get directly into the primary element. Although it could be completed at a later degree as well, in case you are a complete novice you then definitely ought to take this because the first step, to start with.

Like a constructing to have the proper foundations a mosque call and the vicinity wherein its internet site needs to be deployed ought to be cautiously selected as well.

Domain Name:

You want to shop for the call which human beings will use to put in writing on their browser and look at your internet site. This call can be the area call of your mosque. The vicinity wherein this call is offered is referred to as the area registrar.

There are many locations wherein you could sign up your area call. Registering a website call absolutely method which you are claiming a call as your house and paying an annual rate to maintain it your very own property.

Hosting Place:

Like the real vicinity wherein the mosque is positioned with inside the equal manner, there needs to be a real vicinity wherein the documents of your mosque web site ought to be positioned. This vicinity is referred to as the mosque’s internet site web website hosting.

Hosting will supply the mosque a garage region wherein they are able to vicinity the documents which bring together up to expose the internet site into one form. This garage region needs to be economical, secure and on the equal time have an awesome popularity with inside the market.

Domains Host Web may be a really perfect vicinity wherein you purchase the web website hosting. So, you may have the web website hosting and area registered at one vicinity. It will assist make the internet site pass stay quickly.

If you’ve got the area and web website hosting at exceptional locations then you may need to maintain tune of various platforms. Having the whole thing at one dependable vicinity can assist higher business enterprise and management.

Theme For Mosque Website?

Themes are pre-constructed internet site systems that you could absolutely spread to your installations. With a subject matter and a few enjoy, all people can construct a totally useful internet site in a count of some hours.

You can use the pre-hooked up subject matter however in case you need to take a layout jump then you could head over to MOHID and get a top-class mosque subject matter with in-constructed functionalities. There are unfastened issues to be had that may be altered with mosque content material to cause them too extra professional.

Mosque Website Necessary Functionalities:

If you want a regular informational static internet site then you definitely do now no longer want to feature any greater plugins. If you want to feature functionalities like prayer time desk, occasion calendar, touch form, donation or instructional place then you may want to buy the plugins from MOHID.

This submit is targeted on assisting the masjid committee to construct and keep their personal mosque internet site with minimum annual charges. The intention is to make the administrator self-enough and endure handiest the fee of area and web website hosting renewal.

These are the must-have plugins for a mosque internet site:

  • Azan Plugin: This plugin will assist to show the prayer timings for all five and Friday prayers time at the sidebar of your destiny mosque internet site.
  • Table Press: In order to nicely show all of the functions, occasions, workshops or instructions on the mosque you want to show the time desk to the internet site viewer. This plugin will assist you display precisely that in your internet site.  Every day you could create specific tables and display them with the assist of smooth quick codes.
  • Modern Event Calendar: For destiny occasions there you could installation a calendar at the sidebar of the internet site. Visitors can scrawl and examine upcoming occasions and plans.
  • Donations Plugin: All mosques want donation and MOHID plugin can assist combine this functionality. You can upload the donation container on any a part of the internet site way to this plugin.
  • Word fence: To similarly enhance the internet site protection and make it secure from hacking attempts.


The mosque internet site is lots simpler to construct today. You can avail offerings from MOHID to construct your mosque internet site however given the non-income nature of the mosques, MOHID might enormously advise which you take the step and construct it through yourself.


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