Online Mosque Management Software is an extremely unique management tool that helps the mosque management eliminate and streamline the administrative tasks and saves workload and saves time and money and get more donations and funds

Mosque Management Software for your Mosque Needs

Mosque Management Software gives you all-in-one solutions for Mosque Management as a whole if you are less office sitting personality due to high engagement with your community. This is so because all of your administrative tasks are automated and you have more time and focus in building the faith of your community

Uses/ Advantages of Mosque Management Software

It’s usually has a website builder, online contact and other databases, online member directory, communications and booking system, finance, event platform & payment system, and many more among the other

Most mosque management software solution most of the time has functionalities and benefits like:

Emails: You can do email communications and professional newsletters to your honored members.

Member Login: It allows members to log in to your website by which they can access exclusive databases.

Payments: automation of giving/ donations, registrations and payments data

Database: maintaining detailed member records in an easy-to-chase and facility to do filter.

Website: Develop and update Masjid website with little-to-no tech Knowledge

Events: Promote classes and events, do online registration, keep tracking of attendance and how the payment is processed

These are a few fundamental functionalities or operations of a bigger grouping of software called membership management software — a software solution created to automate as plenty of administrative tasks of membership organizations as possible.

The #1 Software to Manage Your Mosque

MOHID is the #1 Mosque Management Software. You can have your mosque set up with a professionally built online presence and also enjoy online events and the registration of lessons.

MOHID Automated Looks……. Saves Your Time and Money

Let’s have a look on by questioning yourself that how much time a week do you spend on many assignments like mentioned below:

  • Registering new members
  • Emailing people
  • Sending invoices
  • Sharing event-related reminders
  • Processing of payments

If your answer is “too much”, then MOHID Masjid Management Software might be suitable and right for you.

  • MOHID’s donor management and fundraising and tools have been formulated for Masjid and other Islamic member-based organizations.
  • Key Benefits include membership, donation, fundraising, and accounting events management.
  • The MOHID enables management personals to track donations and donor accounts online. When a payment comes, a receipt is sent via email to donors, and managers of masjid get real-time reporting of online and offline activity.
  • MOHID is a management tool that has mobile apps for Android devices and iOS.
  • The MOHID offers an accounting module for safe financial tracking and reporting options.
  • MOHID membership management module controls member activities including communication updates, registering new members, automated renewals, and many more.
  • The MOHID’s events management module automates the registration process and supports both fee-based and free events and programs and.
  • MOHID’s other features are taking zakat contributions, taking donations at the kiosk, advertising upcoming events, and many more
  • The MOHID is a provider of fundraising tickets and school fee management via both websites and kiosks.
  • MOHID offers per month pricing.

Just to quote an example among the other options, have a look on

MOHID Cloud Plan…….has all the fundamental key features you need to start organizing your Masjid

  • Management of Donations
  • VFR (Virtual Fundraiser) Module
  • Creation of the campaign to raise the fund
  • Management of KIOSK
  • Website and Prayer timing widgets
  • Fundraiser Management
  • Track of donations and easy creation of fundraising events
  • Membership Management
  • Manage paid / free membership types (eg. General assembly)
  • Program Management / Registration/Fee Management
  • Collection of fees seamlessly and Creation of programs
  • Zakat Management
  • Management of Zakat intake and disbursement
  • Communication Management
  • Communicate with your members via email, text, or optional app
  • Financial / Book Keeping
  • An accounting module for tracking revenue, expenses, w/ reports
  • Bulletin Board Management
  • A forum for members or individuals of mosques for posting bulletins
  • Program Management
  • Members can tailor a masjid program and management is done using MOHID. Most of
  • MOHID users report savings of many hours a week by letting MOHID work for them.

Above mentioned are a few of the MOHID features you’ll have quick access to when you start using MOHID

In conclusion, one can say that using an online software management system for Mosques can be detrimental for the overall management of Mosques and all management of Funds, ZAKAT, and donations.

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