Do you want to supercharge your mosque management as 500 plus other mosques are doing in the whole world? If, yes then you need MOHID, a leading mosque cloud management software. We live in a digital world and every aspect of our daily life is transformed, then why not use a digital platform to operate your mosque? Here is how MOHID can help you run your mosque seamlessly.

Organizing Islamic Seminars Made Easy

Organizing religious seminars take a lot of effort and time. MOHID can assist the Masjid administration in the management and registration process.

Our program registration module offers online registration, thereby increasing attendance. It streamlines the payment and registration process by allowing people to register for seminars by using MOHID Kiosk and Mobile app.

Moreover, the donors have the option of paying once or in recurring episodes.

A hassle-free Donations Collecting Process

MOHID’s Donor management system aids you in collecting and managing the donations while helping you to raise more donations. Here are the things that it can do for you.

  • Increased ability to raise money
  • Recording the transactions
  • Reporting to your members
  • Recording and saving important data
  • Provides you the data in real-time

From your MOHID account, our mobile app, or donation kiosk, you can operate funds transactions (Recurring, plastic money, checks, ACH).

An Efficient Zakat Management System

Our Zakat management system is a coherent body that allows you to manage all stages of zakat donations and distributions. Along with making the zakat charity in USA process crystal clear, we supply complete information on the funds to the contributors.

We understand that people want to know where and how their zakat is used, so we try to satisfy the donors by making a helpful environment. Moreover, MOHID Donation Kiosk helps you to make a bond with the donors, thereby, increasing funds.

Plus, we ensure data security with the help of our information safety plan and electronic tax and payment receipts.

Seamlessly Manage your Mosque Members

Masjid members help in smooth operations of the mosque but managing them is a headache too. If you physically keep a record of all members, their attributes, and other information, it will take you many hours weekly.

For this purpose, we have built a membership management portal that can provide a rapid review of all your memberships. Your people can become your members (fee or no-fee) by easily signing up through your website. Then, their membership portal will be created.

Other features involve the option to see/ print donation invoices and annual tax briefs directly from their web portals, take part in web-based blogs boards in a guided atmosphere, enrolling for programs or paying for events at a discount, and self-renewal of memberships.

Easily Organize and Manage Events

Effective coordination between the organizers is key to a successful event. With MOHID, you can supply sign-up and entry forms online to desiring people. You can make announcements, send newsletters and automated emails to members and people on your contact list saved in MOHID portal.

Furthermore, you can send digital receipts of payments through email and SMS as well as get your email delivery index automatically updated. You can also modify the list for any specific announcement.

Wrapping it up

Performing mosque duties is a pious act. And, if you can manage your mosque on a virtual platform with some clicks and taps, it would become very easy for you to gain this reward.

Mosque management software helps in increasing engagements and raising more funds. Therefore, many mosques put their trust in MOHID to perform their religious duties.

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