Donor management is the method of organising a donor’s info, and maintaining your interactions with them. Build your relationship with them and most importantly, make your donors the backbone of your organisation. Building trust and good relationships along with your donors to be a central focus.

These areas describe many ways in which to manage your donors' expectations. Improve their experiences along with your noncommercial, and trust relationships with those trying to support your mission. Understanding your donors' desires and expectations is important to your success.

Donor management is the method of storing donor data, recording donor interaction and information to boost additional funds. By keeping track of your donor’s preferences, demographic information, and donation history. You will communicate with them in a very manner that ends up in higher donor engagement and fundraising outcomes.

In this article, you‘ll learn all you would like to understand concerning managing your donors. You’ll learn factors that may assist your donors and achieve your goals.

Stages of the donor journey

There are five major stages within the donor journey. Therefore, we better understand what stages a donor's management leads us.

Raise Awareness



Ask for a Donation

Thank and show impact

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