The kiosk is a management interactive tool for organisations that provides information to the user without a human-to-human interaction. Kiosk tools have developed across time starting with basic booths providing information on flyers and currently utilising the digital tools to not only provide information but simultaneously provide payment/donation methods.

These services would prove especially useful during the current COVID pandemic as they offer users the required service in a socially distanced and minimally interactive environment.

The current digital age requires constant innovation which in turn results in inconvenience. This would especially prove beneficial for digital fundraising and donations (zakat) as it provides a favourable way for donors to donate with just a swipe.

The world is constantly growing and evolving, organisations need to keep up and thus self-service Kiosk management systems should be adopted they provide services that save time, reduce clutter, utilize modern payment methods for donations, synchronised donation management, ease of registration processes, and distribution of the donations with full disclosure.

To put this into perspective let’s take a member who visits a mosque and thinks about registering as a member of the mosque and donating zakat there but the limitation of standing in a queue has the person rethinking the whole idea. A Kiosk Management system would have the member register, donate using modernised POS payment methods and distribute the donations according to user preference.

Kiosk management is a highly advantageous tool for any organisation to possess and their customisation software feature provides services that are organisation specific. They are also easy to move, require minimal space, and are fairly simple to use.

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