How MOHID Can Help You to Make Your Mosque Operations...

Do you want to supercharge your mosque management as 500 plus other mosques are doing in the whole world? If, yes then you need MOHID, a leading mosque cloud management...

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Why your mosque really need a management software

Nowadays when everything works in just single tap or click, what’s better than being able to manage one’s charity and religious concerns through it as well?  MOHID mosque management software provides exact same services. It...

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MOHID Handheld

This advanced tool has emerged as one of the well-sought after and multi-pronged techniques to generate funds without involving cash payment. This revolutionary tool has enabled most of the Masjids...

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Integration of functions serves as a defining tool in not only improving the management systems, but also providing value addition is the designated tasks for yield based performances. MOHID Cloud...

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This name itself pronounces coordinated digitization in seamless fund collection.  MOHID Kiosk has assumed a greater proportion in removing barriers in fund collection. An effective feature is that all the...

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Why Kiosk Management is important for your mosque

Kiosk is a management interactive tool for organizations that provides information to the user without a human-to-human interaction. Kiosk tools have developed across time starting with basic booths providing information...

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Masjid Management: How can you manage your Masjid even better!

If you’re an Imam in a Masjid, then you may not be unfamiliar with all the tasks, hassles, and hurdles that you face every day to keep things in a...

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