Arabic and Muslim studies categories online. Through Mohid program registration app interactive digital settings (video, audio streaming, text chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, books, and more). As a result, our aim is not solely to let students learn religious writing online. However, conjointly to allow them to implement and replicate Allah's book in their lives.

Program registration for Quran Tajweed:

In Arabic, the word tajweed lingually means “proficiency” or “doing one thing well”. It comes from constant root letters because the word Jayyid, which suggests “good” once, is applied to the religious text. It means giving each letter of the religious text, its rights, and dues of characteristics after we recite the religious text. And perceptive the foundations that apply to those letters in several things. We tend to provide the letters their dues by perceptive the characteristics of every letter that is a gift in them some time and not a gift at different times.

The Quran unconcealed with tajweed rules applied to that. In alternative words, once the angel jibreel recited the words of supreme. Being to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) he recited them during a bound approach and he showed the Prophet the ways that during which it had been permissible to recite it within the approach it had been unconcealed. Learning tajweed online with program registration include, seeking refuge and saying Basmalah, the rules of Noon saakin and tanween, the rules of meem saakin, noon and meem mushhaddad, lam shamsiya and qamariya, qalqalah, medd, heavy and light letters and sifaat.

This course is a fundamental course that will instill a love for reciting the Quran for you and your child. Tajweed for kids takes your child in a step-by-step manner. You and your child will gain confidence in reciting the Quran out loud and in front of others. These courses may include reciting the Quran with proper tajweed and then they will be able to read any surah from the Quran on their own without assistance. Your child and surely you will increase their love for reading and reciting the quran and they will become more confident in reciting new surahs from the Quran.

Program registration for Arabic language:

This course is designed for those who are interested in the Arabic language online and speak it. You don’t need to leave your home anymore. You can choose our main Arabic courses to start the best journey for learning Arabic online.

“Indeed, we have made it an Arabic Quran that you might understand,” (AL-Zukhruf 43:3)

This is a great way for learning Arabic online for kids. Young learners begin by learning the Arabic alphabet, and then learn to speak Arabic through situations that relate to their age. With this new Arabic program registration course, you may learn vocabulary, verb conjugation, grammar, sentence structure, and then practice. You immerse yourself in the new language and speak it as well as you can as often as you can. Or at least, that’s the idea; Arabic courses can present the fastest way to learn Arabic with our Complete Arabic online courses, learning Arabic words for beginners, or phrases to discuss more complicated topics. All non- Arab Muslims should learn Arabic so that they can establish their daily prayers. Recite the Holy Quran, make daily supplications, and grasp the beauty of the divine verses. In this course, students will learn the standard Arabic language which refers mainly to the Arabic of the Quran. The complete study of Advances Arabic learning involves several sciences, reading, writing, grammar, etc. The opportunity of learning Arabic online provides students with flexibility and has a comfort level anywhere to study on their own time. By working with students to fit regular practice into active lifestyles, this program registration for the Arabic language will improve your fluency and you know what is in the Quran by meaning.

Program Registration for Memorizing Quran:

The Scholars said that whoever memorizes the Holy Quran and acts upon it. Allah will reward him and honor him greatly. He will rise in status in Jannah (paradise) to a level commensurate with what he memorized of the Book of Allah. Memorizing The Holy Quran is the dream of every Muslim. But due to our busy schedule and lack of proper guidance from well-qualified teachers is the biggest problem for the process of memorization. Mohid program registration course for memorizing Quran is allowing you to memorize The Holy Quran online at your home. Our online Quran memorization teachers will help you during the whole process and give you tips to memorize the Holy Quran.

“And we have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember” (54”17)

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