Islam is that the fastest-growing religion worldwide. As Islam spreads around the world the Muslim population increases, which brings out an increasing demand for Islamic buildings like mosques and Islamic centers. However, Mosques play a pivotal role in Islam and Muslim life.

So, a mosque CRM system is a must-have system in your mosque which handles your mosque management effectively.

While many countries, specifically, the Western mosques are a newcomer whose building type is both unique and foreign to local those who are unaccustomed to the visual expression of Islam within the USA.

The mosque is one altogether the foremost visual expressions of world Muslim religious identity in a non-Muslim context. Numerous nations have plenty of various architectural forms of their Islamic buildings. Although each mosque has its individual touch.

The foremost important factors behind this variation in form and styles. and finally Nature impacts (local materials and environment), and man-made impacts (Muslim immigrants, colonialism, funding, and laws, culture, and traditions).

The study aims to look at each factor and their influences on the architecture of mosques and Islamic centers in a non-Muslim context through analysis and a comparison of a MOHID must-have system for your mosque. In the same way, many factors are contributing to the shaping of the typology, design, Mosque CRM system, Mosque Management, Masjid App, Donation Kiosk, and the role of the mosque in a multicultural atmosphere.

Mosque CRM System :

MOHID has been operating Masjids for 8 years proudly. MOHID is a Masjid CRM Management Software within the USA and serves and resolves the foremost common issues in Masjid across North America which may be affecting them in any manner.

Because of MOHID CRM Management Software services and assistance, we have become the most effective Masjid CRM Management platform with sure experts behind us.

Our services also offer perks of higher security, support, software, and hardware services. Our MOHID CRM Management system not only gathers data and exports them on a usual but also automates the backup on a 24 hours basis.

MOHID CRM Management system also manages the finance department including the billing departments, donations like zakats, fundraising, and other aspects. MOHID CRM Management software is automating the tax receipt, and we are not issued manually tax receipts.

Mosque CRM System is a Must-have Tool:

Mosque Management Software is an all-in-one management tool to assist you to eliminate and streamlining administrative tasks from your workload to save lots of your time and money.

It usually comprised a website builder, online contact database, online member directory, communications system, booking system, finance & payment system, event platform, and more. MOHID Mosque Management software include functionalities namely,

  • Website,
  • Events,
  • Payments,
  • Database,
  • Emails and
  • Member login

Thus, these are all basic functionalities of a bigger grouping of software called MOHID Management Software.


The question is not any longer if they must lie but how. A business that desires to appeal to mobile-based customers has three choices, build a responsive website, develop or create a web app. Mobile websites are quick and straightforward to urge, but they tend to be less pleasant in terms of user experience.

Sitting between these options is the newest mobile solution: the PWA. It combines the simplest elements of mobile sites and native apps while mitigating their disadvantages.

The MOHID Mobile App helps remove barriers to giving and engagement by giving all the kiosk functionality to their mobile devices. Seamlessly integrated with MOHID App, so you never lose track of your community progress and MOHID App system gives you the ability to process payments from all major credit and debit cards and also facilitates all types of giving from checks, online, and text giving. And most importantly, you can track all transactions, donations, and regular payments coming in and out.


The MOHID Donation Kiosk is a custom hardware solution that is smoothly merged with MOHID Cloud. However, the MOHID Donation kiosk removes the barriers to giving and will enable you to communicate with your Masjid members more effectively.

Through the MOHID Donation kiosk, you will massively enhance your funds through MASJID Donation Kiosk and be able to create a well-informed membership that rallies as a community and enjoy all that your Masjid has to offer.


MOHID CRM Management software is automating the tax receipt, and we are not issued manually tax receipts.

Yes! Both credit and debit cards can be used at the funding source for monthly donations.

Yes and No. MOHID App requires a funding source from donors (usually a credit or debit card) and a bank account to “MOHID App” transactions. If you want you can set your minimum donation amount and we will simply donate that amount monthly.

Yes! Donors can choose to make a one-time donation of $1, $5, $10 or a custom amount. One-time donations can be found on the home screen of the app.

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