This name itself pronounces coordinated digitization in seamless fund collection.  MOHID Kiosk has assumed a greater proportion in removing barriers in fund collection. An effective feature is that all the members of a Masjid stay well within a communication range without an iota of gaps in the transaction.

A donor’s perspective always delves in not only extending donation but also his/her desire to witness flawless transmission of funds towards the purpose it was doled out for.

MOHID Kiosk helps to track all the stakeholders one deals with and real-time fundraising activities. The success of any tool will always result in increasing the efficiency of an accounting team and it will directly impact the growth strategy of a Masjid Management System, which is primarily based on understanding your donors, building relationships and effectively tailoring communication channels to obtain more donations.

In today’s fast-paced technology-driven environment, any software offering a cloud-based version truly provides comfort to access data from anywhere with remote connectivity.

MOHID Kiosk’s outstanding feature is that even donations are accepted through Credit Cards without any risk of misdirected transactions.  Pledges for funds can be easily managed. Masjids can sell tickets and register programs. Even Zakat collection and distribution can be performed transparently with real-time data analytics.

Recurrence of fund generation meaning receipt of the fund not only from already registered donors in a repetitive cycle but also increasing traffic from off-shoots channels is a validated exercise, which MOHID Kiosk proudly performs.

MOHID Kiosk is designed as budget-friendly and our customers find it highly economical.

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