Online Donations in the USA

In the Digital Era of the 21st century; there are various possibilities to raise funds online for donations. MOHID is an excellent example of compiling an overall fundraising strategy and transforming that into achieving Mosque’s Fundraising Objectives. Simultaneously, traditional and “offline” methods are important too. However, the introduction of online fundraising platforms; to quote here as an example, Such as MOHID has shifted a whole new world of fundraising functionalities of non-profit organizations, and Mosques also! So, why do we think using an online platform is the way ahead…..Here are our details below

More Reach:

Raising pledges online makes us able to surpass geographical limitations. You can use Platforms such as MOHID for your email and many other social media channels to spread information about the event being arranged for Donations or fundraising in the USA or around the globe to reach more potential donors, attract new supporters or create friendly and productive competition among event participants. Online fundraising usually is productive and confers higher results than traditional methods. The best example is MOHID.

Social Media Account

The enthusiastic part of online Fundraising or donations is that you get the power to become the voice of the organization among your social media groups. Onto your online account: adding pictures, personal messages, and stories, you make an emotional bridge that attracts your audience. This kind of message plays a vital role especially when it comes from a donor, volunteer, or event participant as it reflects an unbiased view of what an organization or Mosque does.

High Efficiency of Donation Collections

The manual way of Management can be tiring, expensive, and full of flaws. Stationary materials, printing, and manpower costs related to the creation and distribution of offline donations might be a burden. Staff time costs can be incurred by counting and recounting the pledges during and after the event has occurred. Online pledging is less tiring, convenient, and cost-effective. MOHID helps Mosques in managing online donations, specifically in the USA, and renders full management of all online services making management feel comfortable and more time left to them for other fundraising activities.

Ease & Convenience

Collecting large sums of money can be a security-related issue. So going door to door collecting pledges and keeping them secure until your event is held can be troublesome. Using signing up online any risks that are associated with collecting large sums of money are minimized. Tracking what has been pledged to you by your donors is easy through online management and there is an option to enter any offline donation that might be received.

By using an online fundraising account specially MOHID, monitoring your personal and team goals and achievements on your home page is easy and efficient. As Mosque Management you can be satisfied that all of your donors have received a tax receipt and a thank you email for their support because both are automatically generated once a donation is received. There is an option of how you can also modify your goals or messages and instantly update your entire network of donors or team news. An efficient way for you to fundraise is available in the form of MOHID that reduces stress, frustration, time, and any commitment you have so that you can focus on what’s priority work……

It is a shocking truth that several million people are living in the USA below the poverty line in the country. The American dream does not come true for every citizen residing in the USA because several people living in the USA find themselves struggling to live happily somehow. It is an estimation that around at least 1 in every eight people in the USA is poor. The poverty ratio in the USA has decreased since the recession, yet does not mean that poverty has finished. There are many Online Charities for Donations in the USA. Mostly, even employed individuals are struggling to end both ends meet. It has many reasons for this; one important one being is huge college tuition fee, extremely high student loans with unmanageable interest rates applied on that. Many people work for multiple jobs, they also work extra hours and they never rest, and still are unable to survive the way they want.

The Internet and online revolution have made online donations easy and, locals have invented and facilitated their ways to help their brothers and sisters in trouble by caring financially. Online donations, charities, and online funding have become trends, where people share somebody’s need, and try to find a minimum amount of donations through online donations and funding. Such websites are gaining significant rise and especially online solutions to donation, ZAKAT, and donations management are all easy by using systems like MOHID.

In recent times, many online charities exist for donations in the United States of America. Each organization and website has its set objective and goal. Few Organizations help medical necessities of the underprivileged, support financially the education of the less fortunate people, and few organizations dedicate themselves to helping strugglers with their loans. These charity websites are dependent on the kindness of the people who contribute to the welfare and the goodness of society. It is estimated that people who regularly contribute donations for welfare causes report a more quality and happy life because thinking of having helped someone in need put much meaning to their otherwise robotic lives.

In conclusion, one can say that online donations in the USA are as important as in other parts of the world. Globalization has made the world globalized. Online, and using MOHID has the charm of the following in addition to the above explained. Creating and managing fundraising campaigns in just a few minutes. Highly managed fundraising and donations for organizations. Reaching people with social power. Efficient experience for donors

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