The word place of worship or mosque has developed from the phrase sajada (sujud) that refers to devoted, loyal, and bowed heads with complete acknowledgement and adoration. The mosque isn’t always the most effective area of worship however additionally an area to advantage know-how.

It is likewise an area for communal gatherings of the Islamic network members, in addition to an area for containing numerous spiritual ceremonies and rituals.

Mosques also are locations wherein spiritual research take place, and wherein the more youthful technology of Muslim youngsters might move for his or her spiritual training (Ismail, 2003).

One of the individualities in the MOHID Mosque control device with in the USA surroundings is the internalization of Islamic values in its economic control. One of the concepts held in wearing out the accounting characteristic is Al Quran Surah Al Baqarah verse 282.

O ye who believe, in case you now no longer have coins in coins for a prescribed time, you ought to write it down. And allow a creator amongst you to write it efficiently. And allow the author now no longer reluctant to jot down it as Allah taught it, clever ought to he writes, and allow the individual that owes it mock (what’s going to be written), and he ought to be careful of Allah his Lord, and he shall now no longer lessen any of his debt … “(QSAl -Baqarah Verses 282)

Commonly MOHID (mosque control device in the USA) as accounting software program and different supplementary software program are taken into consideration beneficial for mosques. It is an extraordinary reality to recognize that an accounting software program does paintings for non-industrial groups and mosque systems.

It is not an unusual exercise to apply the accounting software program for masjid, as it’s far ready with all vital features. MOHID handheld device in the USA does require help in preserving the file of all the:

  • Transactions,
  • Finances,
  • Money owed and plenty more.

 MOHID Mosque control software program is a device with its own

  • budgeting, 
  • money owed, 
  • salaries, 
  • expenses, 
  • income, 
  • donations and plenty more.

MOHID mosque control devices in the USA can carry out more than one responsibility for mosques. Can be completed via the means of a person who does now no longer need to own the finance history or the Department of Accounting, however it’d be even higher if it’s completed via means of someone having little know-how of bookkeeping or accounting.

However, this isn’t always absolute. MOHID software may be very clean due to the fact this software makes use of journaling strategies which might be very simple. Although it now no longer has an economic training basis.

MOHID mosque control gadget in the USA may be very reliable in locating errors, along with the stability sheet, isn’t always similar to the entire debit and credit (Ledger now no longer stable), wrong journal along with the identical records enter 2x and different error. This (MOHID Mosque control device in the USA) offers numerous types of economic statements. 

Starting from a Very Simple document that may be understood via means of lay men, even in the shape of expert reviews, which might be made robotically and fast, with many alternatives available. MOHID will characterize a selection, you simply select, it’s going to show the Financial Report spontaneously and fast, each displayed in your laptop display screen or revealed at once to a printer that is available, without recalculating, or set up re-constructing. 

But in case you do not have a great deal of time for that, the document that is created or revealed via means of the MOHID Mosque Management system is satisfactorily automatic. MOHID may be very beneficial, most effective via way of means of inputting the ideal records, or journaling efficiently so that everyone types of reviews are right now made, and likewise, in case you make corrections, the reviews are robotically updated

 MOHID Major goal is to emerge as the main virtual masjid control system in the USA to Islamic Centers and nonprofit groups. Therefore, we offer a custom Masjid control software program to be able to assist you on each day’s lifestyles to connect to Masjids and in the end the Ummah. Thus, permitting mosques to control their sports and arrange unique occasions with ease.


  • Do take off your footwear earlier than you enter
  • Women: Please do cover your hair
  • Do put on the right clothes.
  • Don't allow your children run or play in the mosque
  • Don't eat or drink inner a mosque
  • Don't increase your voice.

Thus, Muslims are very beneficent in donating to construct a mosque, however they exhibit little generosity in maintaining a mosque. There changed into little want in Islamic records to expand a theology for helping mosques due to the fact maximum mosques have been sustained via means of the authorities or wealthy patrons, now no longer by attendees.

Mosques are the coronary heart of Islamic life. They 

  • serve for prayers, 
  • for occasions at some stage in Islam's holiest month Ramadan, 
  • as facilities for training and information,
  • locations for social welfare, 
  • and additionally for dispute settlement.

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