If you’re an Imam in a Masjid, then you may not be unfamiliar with all the tasks, hassles, and hurdles that you face every day to keep things in a proper routine. As an Imam, you have to curate each and everything in a Masjid ranging from congregational prayers, Khutbah, Zakat & kiosk drives and without a proper masjid management system or layout, you will have loads of problem in your hands.

Keeping this in mind, MOHID is dedicated to revolutionizing Masjid management and making your day-to-day Masjid tasks and chores easy and hassle-free.

MOHID is an intelligent Masjid management system that lets you centralize all your tasks, database, and events management of your Masjid. With simply integration and easy to use UI, MOHID makes everything simple and easy

Here are some of the intuitive features of the MOHID Masjid management system:

Zakat, Sadqah & Kiosk Management

Islam is the most charitable religion in the world by the grace of God, and all of the charity in the name of humanity starts at one’s local Masjid. With MOHID’s easy Kiosk and Zakat management system, you can easily recruit donors and provide them with an accessible portal for them to make Zakat and Kiosk donations. All payments are made through a safe gateway thanks to PCI compliance and high encryption for data and information protection.

Not only that, MOHID offers automatic tax receipts for donors making things even easier for you.

Masjid Membership Management

Keeping a record of all your Masjid members can be very hard and arduous. If you’re writing down your Masjid memberships manually, then finding and extracting information can take some time. Thankfully, MOHID makes this all easier with its membership management portal. You can easily diversify and categorize the credentials of your members, so you can extract them easily and without any hassle.

Events Management

Masjids have events, khutbahs, gatherings, and religious seminars on the regular. Without a proper schedule, streamlining of pre-requisites, and management of attendees; these events can become hard to manage.

MOHID offers a simple and intuitive solution in its Masjid management system where you can schedule your events, plan sign-up forms and send notifications to your members about any upcoming event in your Masjid.


MOHID believes in enabling the Muslim community with tools and a management system to efficiently manage their religious life alongside their social ones. If you’re an Imam and you’re curating your Masjid, then the MOHID Masjid management system is ideal for completing day-to-day masjid tasks expeditiously.


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