Nowadays people are not following Islam and are indulging in worldly things. We have become materialistic, and it has put us on the back. We need to get out of these worldly desires. There are many things you can do like doing good deeds, helping your community, and fundraising for mosque.

Islam is a peaceful and beautiful religion. It tells us to do good deeds, it teaches us to help one another and support our community. It is the fastest-growing religion in the world with 1.9 Billion Muslims worldwide and counting.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born in Makkah in 570 AD. He (S) taught us to help others, and be generous and kind to all. He (S) showed everyone how a human should act and be. Always spoke politely with everyone, was kind, helped everyone, and he (S) taught others to do the same.

We as Muslims should follow his (S) teachings and try to be kind and helpful to everyone.

We all want to have good deeds and be good person overall. There are many ways you can do good deeds but the best way to do good deeds is by donating. Sadaqah is the word used for donation in Islam, and it is the third pillar of Islam.

As The Prophet Muhammad (S) said: “Your smile for your brother is a charity. Your removal of stones, thorns or bones from the paths of people is a charity. Your guidance of a person who is lost is a charity.” (Bukhari)

There are many benefits of giving donations, some of them are mentioned below.


When someone dies, all of their good deeds come to an end, except for three things, and one of them is charity, which is called Sadaqah-e-Jariah (continuous charity). How beautiful is that, imagine you have died but your good deeds are still increasing because of the Sadaqah you gave in the world, and you will continue to receive it until the day of judgment.


Of all the things you could do for Mosques the best is to donate or raise funds. The mosque management then can decide whatever they have to do with the donations and where to use them. This will help them maintain the Mosque too. For instance, if anything gets broken up or any issue occurs the management can fix it using the donation amount.


On the day of judgment, when everyone will be raised from the dead and the sun will be over their heads, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “those who gave charity, they will be shaded on the Day of Judgment”. Today we cannot bear heat when the sun is millions of kilometers away from us, how would we survive on the Day of Judgment? Imagine getting a shade on that day because you gave to charity.


In this world, it is impossible to think that you will get more money by giving it but Allah (SWT) says in the Quran that “Giving charity increases your wealth”. This is yet another benefit of giving charity, that your wealth will be increased by giving charity.


The charity also protects us from evil, The Prophet (PBUH) said “give charity without delaying, for it stands in the way of calamity”. No one knows when will evil come upon us, so it is in our favor that we give charity before anything goes wrong.


Another benefit of charity is that charity removes our sins. We do a lot of sins every day and it is better for us that we should all give charity every day or every week or at least every month to remove our sins.

People often give charity to the people in need but our Mosques also need your donations. The mosque is the only place where Muslims gather purely for Allah. In today’s fast-moving world our mosques are left behind and this Eid we should do fundraising for mosque.

This is the 21st century and science and technology are skyrocketing and the Muslim world is going backward. No one is practicing Islam as it should be. We are not doing enough efforts to be Muslim. Many mosques lack even basic facilities like freshwater, electricity, and washrooms.

There are many things we can do for our Mosques, here are some ideas of how you can help Mosques.


Help the mosque by giving them your services. If you are a sound technician or a plumber or electrician, you can help the Mosque by fixing the sound issues or if there is some sort of issue with the water pipes or the switches or electrical devices.


Mosques do not get enough donations for the fulfillment of their needs, they want much more. You can invest in many things to help the Mosque. You can invest in surveillance cameras, you can paint the Mosque and more.


You can help the mosque supervisors by telling them about a good mosque booking system. It will help them manage their donations and fundraising events and more. That will be helpful and it will take the mosque management system to the next step.

These are some of the things you can do to help Mosques. Muslims will be benefited from this and the Mosque management too. This will increase your good deeds and your wealth too. To donate to Mosque this EID and get your rewards. May The Almighty Allah helps everyone who wills to donate and help Mosques.

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