The mosque performs a basic position to set up amazing surroundings in a Muslim society. So, constructing a mosque for the sake of Allah isn’t always the most effective area of worship; it’s also an area in which human beings meet and greet. In this way, a social gadget prevails everywhere.

For this reason, Mosque is at the bottom of Muslim society. The one who’s ordinary in Mosque is a greater connection to the human beings and is aware of the situation of the human beings; he can assist them with their problems and will become an amazing Muslim. Here are some references related to the importance of Building Mosque/Masjid in Islam below: 

In one narration, it’s far stated that Mosque is a robust citadel in opposition to sheitan

“اَلْمَسْجِدُ حِصْنٌ حَصِینٌ مِّنَ الشَّیْطٰن”

Mosque performs the equal position in a Muslim society

The phrase Mosque مسجد cited 28 instances in Quran 12 instances as an easy single phrase mosque, 15 instances as Masjid al-Haram, and 1 time as Masjid al-Aqsa.

And who’s greater unjust than people who save you the call of Allah from being cited in His mosques and try towards their destruction. It isn’t always for them to go into them besides in fear. For them on this global is a disgrace, and they may have in the Hereafter a terrific punishment.

Importance of constructing a Mosque:

The mosque is known as the residence of Allah almighty. In Quran, Allah Almighty says

“وَأَنَّ الْمَسَاجِدَ لِلَّهِ”

and it’s far said in a blessed Hadees of Sahih Muslim

“ثم مضى إلى بيت من بيوت الله”

some other blessed Hadees of the identical book say that Mosques are the maximum cherished locations to Allah Almighty

“أَحَبُّ البلاد إلى الله مساجدُها”

The one whose coronary heart is connected to the Mosque may be below the color of the throne of Allah Almighty at the Day of Judgment.

The praise for constructing a Mosque:

Normally what we construct on this global is most effective for this global like our residence, factory, shop, etc. But what exquisite praise to construct a Mosque has; whilst we donate to construct a Mosque, we earn a residence in Jannah.

It is said in lots of ahadees with extraordinary wordings that the only who constructs a Mosque merits a residence in Jannah. Let us examine some hadees on this regard;

The one that builds a Mosque for the satisfaction of Allah Almighty; Allah Almighty could construct a residence for him in paradise. (Sahih Muslim) 

whoever builds a Mosque for the sake of Allah Almighty ‘whether or not it’s far small or large’ Allah Almighty builds a residence for him in paradise.

Build a Mosque or donate to it:

After studying the above-stated excellences of constructing a Mosque, one might imagine that it’s far from a splendid distinctive feature to construct a Mosque however how can I construct a Mosque? Does it want lots of money? Dear brothers! Don’t get upset at the mercy of your Lord. He, the Almighty, blesses even folks that spend even touch in the creation of the Mosque. 

Whoever builds a Mosque for the sake of Allah Almighty, like a sparrow’s nest or maybe smaller, Allah Almighty will construct for him a residence in Paradise.

Dear brothers! If a person is to construct a Mosque, he must make his thoughts to construct a Jamia Mosque. Otherwise, everybody must make up their mind donation fundraising to the Mosque creation. If Allah Almighty wills, this distinctive feature will take him to Paradise and he’s going to get hold of a palace of paradise through the mercy of Allah.

Now, it’s far very smooth to take part in the creation of a Mosque. You could provide an internet donation to construct a Mosque. May Allah Almighty permit us to donate to the development of the Mosque. Ameen

Status of Mosque in Islam:

Islam is the very last faith of Allah Almighty. It has the answer for humanity until the Day of Judgment. Everything of this faith is entire and comprehensive. 

When we look at Islam each unmarried day, we trust this truth even more. It does now no longer count the number what things you have a look at, you experience the balanced answer for humanity, even non-Muslims whilst studies on Islam and Quran agree with the truth that Islam has an answer for humanity.

When we have a look at the perception gadget of Islam, we come to realize that oneness of Allah Almighty is a completely simple creed of Islam and with that, a Muslim believes that the loved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the very last prophet of Allah Almighty. Islam teaches us to appreciate all of the Prophets.

Islam additionally emphasizes the worship of Allah Almighty and a particular region for the worship of Allah Almighty is Mosque. It is the region in which Muslims accumulate 5 instances an afternoon and provide 5 obligatory prayers. Other than 5-time prayers, recitation of the Holy Quran and Aetikaf within the month of Ramzan is likewise achieved within the Mosque.


Mosques are the coronary heart of Islamic life. They serve for prayers, for activities in the course of Islam's holiest month of Ramadan, as facilities for training and information, locations for social welfare, and additionally for dispute settlement. The imam is the religious leader of the mosque and the individual that leads the prayers.

A mosque is normally a completely symbolic vicinity for a Muslim, being a humble manner for Muslims to recreate natural divine presence on earth. The number one motive of the mosque is to function as an area wherein Muslims can come collectively for prayer.

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