This is the holy month of Ramadan – the most blessed month of all. In this month, blessings are showered upon each and every one. This is a miraculous month of the mighty book from the lord of the heavens and earth.

Ramadan comes every year bringing hope, joy, and some cries of prayers. One of the top priorities of people this month is doing good deeds as much as they can.

Many benefits and blessings come along with this holy month and people go after them, as it is the best opportunity you get in this month.

Muslims are increasingly adopting it all over the globe to do donations and give charity during Ramadan. The reason for this is that in this month Allah SWT blesses the beings with his mercy, kindness, and love. The Almighty showers his blessings upon his servants for submitting their good deeds in his court.

This blessed month offers a chance to multiply your good deeds by 70, is this not astoundingly beautiful? Who would miss this opportunity then?

This is the reason Muslims in this month make generous donations and give as much charity as they can and for this, MOHID made a management system and called it The Mosque Management System. They made this for easing the whole mosque management process and also for the help of people who need to donate.

In this blog, we will guide you through how they made a whole system that helped the mosque management and the people in general.


There was an issue that was faced by the mosque management as well as the general public that MOHID wanted to find a solution for. The mosque management were finding it difficult to manage the mosque operations as well as the donations that they were receiving. There was a lack of a proper donation collection system that could be used by the mosque to collect donations easily, whereas, people were finding it difficult to donate to the mosque because of not having an organized donation system. Therefore, they made a Cloud-Based Mosque Management System.

The Best Mosque Management System

Started from solving the problems of the mosque and the people, it is now The Best Mosque Management System in UK & USA. In the system, there are many features that assist the management of the mosque and some features are for the help of people. In the list below, we will drive you through their features, which help the management and the people.

Making Mosque Management Easy

Below is a list of features, which MOHID integrated in the system to make the management of the mosque super easy:

  1. Donor Manage
  2. Membership Management
  3. Program Registration
  4. Fundraising Management
  5. Announcement Emails and SMS
  6. Zakat Management

Donor Manage

To make it easier to manage the donations and donors in general, MOHID launched Donor Management to assist the mosque management to know the credentials of the donors and their donations.

Membership Management

It is important to not forget the management of the mosque itself, as they play an important role in the mosque operations. Therefore, MOHID introduced a feature called Membership Management. It helps the mosque management to evenly organize the tasks to the members of the mosque and get update against it too.

Program Registration

Learning is a part of Islam and from the beginning, it has taught us to learn. For this reason, MOHID made Program Registration to help those who want to learn Religious Writing or Arabic.

Fundraising Management

Collecting funds can be a bit difficult if it is not organized. Therefore, MOHID came up with something called Fundraising Management. With this, the management can easily collect all the funds without any hassle or obstruction.

Zakat Management

One of the 5 pillars of Islam, one is Zakat. It incorporates giving some part of your savings to charity. Specifically in the holy month of Ramadan, people tend to give Zakat because of the blessings this month. Therefore a system that manages Zakat was needed and this feature helps exactly with that.

Announcement Emails and SMS

Last but not the least, interacting with your donors and updating them on important developments is necessary. Therefore, MOHID incorporated Email and SMS support. Announcement Emails and SMS help the management of the mosque to make a deeper relationship with the donor and let them know of your next donation or fundraising program.

Bringing Ease To Making Donations And Collecting Donations

Made specifically to assist the mosque management but not limited to them only. MOHID developed two advanced devices to help the public and the mosque for making donation making and donation collection easy,

  1. Donation Kiosk
  2. Donation Handheld

Donation Kiosk

This device helps the mosque and the people in numerous ways. One of the benefits of the Donation Kiosk is that it is available 24/7, so people can donate at any time. People can also pay directly from their debit and credit cards making the donations further easy.

The device is also connected to the system in the mosque via cloud so the transfer of data is seamless and can be accessed anywhere at any time.

Donation Handheld

While donation Kiosks cannot be moved and are placed at a fixed point, be it inside the mosque or outside the mosque. Therefore, MOHID made another device, the Donation Handheld to further assist the people and the management.

 This device is small, lightweight, and portable which makes it easy for people to give donations at the given moment and the management can also easily collect the donations.


MOHID – The Best Mosque Management System

If you are a member of a mosque and need to make your mosque operations easy then you can visit their website to learn more about their services and how they can help you achieve optimum efficiency and productivity. 

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