Management is a crucial and a major part of any organization, and every organization needs it. The whole world also needs some sort of management in every sector or field. Management is basically keeping an eye on everything you have to and keeping everything intact and going as it should be.

The management can have different responsibilities and managing roles like scheduling and making tasks etc. In today’s world, however, management is quite easy because of the new and advanced technology, and things have been very easy and simple. Human intervention is still needed but not as it did in the past.

All of the advanced technology we have today and the management software, including mosque management software and much more, have helped our lives and made living easy and simple in many aspects. Today we have so much advanced technology and not just in some sectors but in all.

Now everything is at our fingertips; everything is automated, and you can do everything just from your phones, tablets, or laptops, all by yourself without needing any assistance whatsoever. The religious side was behind in technology for a very long time, but it needed it the most.

There have been many advancements in the mosque, such as mosque management software. The mosque management system is a combination of great hardware and software technologies. It takes the benefits of both and provides an exceptional and effective management system for your mosque.


The biggest benefit of the mosque management software is that it is cloud software that allows you to operate things over the internet. You can do everything regardless of the place and time. You can manage from anywhere at any time just using the internet.

It also provides many other things, including zakat management, donor management, and more; let’s have a look at them.


Donor Management

Donor management is a method of managing your interactions with them and building a relationship with them as they are the backbone of your organization. Building a good relationship and trust with the donors is very important as well as beneficial for any organization, especially for your mosque.

Managing donors is a crucial aspect of a mosque or any donation-based organization in this case. It helps you see your loyal or regular donors. This also gives a little push to the donors to give more to the organization because of the relationship and trust that they have.

Donor management allows you to collect, store, and manage the data of your donors. In this way, you will also be able to boost your funds by keeping track of your donors and keep on going on your mission.

There is also a journey of donor management; the 5 main stages are mentioned below:

1. Raising awareness
2. consideration
3. Decision
4. Ask for a donation
5. Thank you and show respect

Membership Management

Members are and should be the first and highest priority of your organization. With more members, you can gather more support and also increase your network. Thus, you should be actively engaging as many members as you can.

Program Registration

Studying and learning religious writing, i.e., the Holy Quran is a dream of many, but it can be difficult, especially when your mother tongue is not Arabic. MOHID eases the process by providing you with online facilities. Through program registration, you can study and learn the Holy Quran through Video, audio, text chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, books, and more.

Fundraising Management

Non-profit organizations like mosques lose substantial amounts of donations due to a lack of follow-ups of pledges. Fundraising management software can help you with that by sending auto-reminders to your donors to pay for the tickets and pledges.

Announcement Email and SMS

Email and SMS marketing can have a huge impact, and it can be very beneficial for non-profit organizations, including mosques. Through announcement email and SMS, you can grow and increase your loyal supporter base, i.e., the donors.

Zakat Management

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, and it is compulsory for every Muslim with adequate wealth. Zakat is giving to those who are in need of financial help and actually deserve it. For that, Zakat management is really important, and MOHID provides you with that. It simplifies the process and makes it easy to manage all the Zakat.


Donation Kiosk

A donation Kiosk is a hardware solution for gathering donations. It is seamlessly integrated with the MOHID cloud, so you know about every donation someone makes. There are many benefits of donation kiosk; some of them are mentioned below:

• Pledge and fundraise for management
• Credit and debit cards accepted
• Donation management
• Program Registration
• Zakat management


Handheld is yet another hardware solution for gathering donations, but it is a little different than the donation kiosk. A handheld is a lightweight, portable device that you can carry around and collect donations there and then. It is also connected with the MOHID cloud giving you real-time data insights.

Management software for your mosque can be really beneficial and helpful in managing all of the things right from your devices through the internet. It can help you ease the whole managing process and give you peace of mind too.

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