Dear President and Board of Directors,

At DeenTek Solutions, we hope and pray that you will find this email in the best of your health and imaan by the grace of Allah SWT.

I am sending this email to you to introduce a comprehensive masjid management system with a quick payment solution we developed specifically for Masjids and Islamic Organizations: MOHID. Alhamdulillah, in the last 10 years, with MOHID, we’ve helped over 650 Islamic Centers all over North America to automate their various operations, double their donation and raise over $500 Million. This year we want to do the same for our masajid in the UK completely free until the end of Ramadan Insha’Allah.

People rarely carry cash these days and leave masajid without making a single donation, with MOHID+ kiosk system and mobile app solution, your members and donors can now use their credit cards at a very low transaction fee to make donations, payments & pledges, and even buy tickets for events at the touch of a panel installed in your Islamic Center.

Our FREE TRIAL UNTIL RAMADAN will let you try the MOHID system so you can see results right away insha’Allah! To get set up immediately, please call the number below and mention this email to get started! Our representatives are standing by, so don’t hesitate to call and sign up today!

Through MOHID
Introductory offer for a limited time!

Call: +44-20-3318-0774


As always for any questions or comments on these features our dedicated support team is standing by to assist you.

جزاك الله خيرا

APP Is Available
For Free On APP Store
Minbr is a new way to Connecting Communities with Masajid and open new source of revenue for Masajid.

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