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Edit any MOHID Kiosk from your dashboard. Automatically syncs over WiFi!


Automatically send donation receipts in minutes


Watch your donations triple and transaction fees reduce significantly

Introducing MOHID Plus Mobile

Take every kind of payment from every kind of donor and grow your donor base.
Take payments for literally anything, anywhere.

The demand for instant payment is seeping into every corner of our lives. in response to the rise of mobile phones and cashless payments, MOHID is introducing a revolutionary donation gathering tool that can be used to propel your Masjid into the 21st Century. Most Masajid’s using the MOHID Plus Mobile system have literally doubled their donations by accepting digital transactions.

Our advanced mobile card payment device eliminates the need for cash, paperwork and pledge forms. MOHID Plus Mobile payment device enables Masajid’s and charities to quickly accept pledges, payment and donations. It’s compact, cost-effective and aimed at enabling donors, to donate easily without cash. With our mobile card payment device, people can make pledges, give donations and pay for wedding fees, hall hires, event tickets, or even just for a cup of tea and coffee.


To give each masjid the flexibility and convenience of choosing the best plan, we offer two different pricing plans for MOHID Handheld. With transparent hardware costs and low transactions fees, we look forward to helping you grow your Masjid.