Best Post-COVID-19 Islamic Mosque CRM Fundraising Management System in the USA

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In this era of digitalization, especially post-COVID-19 situation has changed everything including, how we live, how we behave, how we manage and surely Planning Fundraising Strategy is not the different game. Everything, including ways to manage non-profit organizations have also changed and Managing Islamic Fund is not the exception. There has been created a need for the ways which should allow the full control over  Islamic Fundraising Management System in the USA . Keeping a close eye onto the aforementioned scenario; MOHID comes in to play.

So, what is MOHID?…… The Answer is simple


MOHID is the solution to all needs of non-profit organizations particularly Masjids involved in Fundraising activity. Management of Fundraising is not as simple as it seems, like most of other activities for example, Accountability issues and internal control issues might affect the collection of the funds or the already collected funds.

MOHID provides complete solution for Fundraising Management, whether it be donations of any kind or Management of any funds.

MOHID provides fast, easiest, efficient, transparent and secure ways to

Islamic Fundraising Management System in the USA

Fundraising Management through challenging times must be adequately related to Effective Fundraising Strategy and its practical implementation.

A Donation Kiosk is one of the tech-savvy solutions that can accept credit card gifts at events and on-site. Donation Kiosk lets Donors give in person with their debit or credit cards. Donors can donate via the kiosk at any time they drop by Continual Payments. Allows donors to schedule continual payments to help your organization meet Monthly Funding Goals. All of our cashless payment kiosk runs on Easy Pay’s by bespoke software a user-friendly and efficient interface that can be customized to meet the needs of your Charity or Fundraising Organization. I am excited about speech act such an easy way to donate and look forward to increased donations and donor engagement.

Kiosks are a fantastic way to increase donations by allowing your supporters to give even when they don’t have cash or checks.

Benefits of Donation Kiosks

Simplest Is The Best…………..

    1. Ease of Use


      The Donation Process should be simple. Donors do not want to give when it involves a long-term or complex process.

      When giving is quick and easy; Donors are more likely to Donate. A Kiosk that is easy to use means…you do not need a staff member or volunteer around for the entire process. If the device is complicated for you to manage, then you should think about choosing a different option. But MOHID gives you the Easiest option.

    2. Security


      Choose Kiosk…. Information Stays Confidential As with most online and mobile donation methods, donors are afraid about payment security. Security should not be a fear for you or your donors alternatively, choose Kiosk that uses multiple methods to ensure you and your donors’ information

    3. Mobility


      All Major Debit and Credit Cards are accepted with tracking of all transactions Having a Kiosk that is easy to transport will make it easy to bring up to events and other on-the-go situations. Imagine that you want to take your donation to a fundraising event like a charity auction, llugging around a large device is both impractical and restricting. Furthermore, small device like palm size credit card readers do not equal better fundraising as tiny device will be difficult to spot at events.

    4. Data Tracking


      Using Kiosk that tracks particular metrics is inordinately useful when you need to determine the perfect location, donation amount, and overall Fundraising Strategy for your Kiosk.

      The date and time You can spot Date and Time when the Donations were made
      The donation amount:

      By calculating the average amount, you can determine the best donation amount that donors are comfortable giving and you can also maximize your fundraising endeavours

      Location of the Kiosk used

      If you are using more than one Kiosk, tracking the location will help you find the best position for your device.

      Location of the Kiosk used

      If you are using more than one Kiosk, tracking the location will help you find the best position for your device.

    5. Use Signs


      Images and Signs are always helpfulThis is especially useful for organizations with large facilities. Using signs is an easy way to inform your Kiosk’s location and make it easy to find, even in the pre or post-service crowds or anterior to an event. Posting signs with simple how-to instructions or diagrams would also be helpful for people who have never used a Kiosk before.

Benefits of MOHID Kiosk donations:

  • Collects more donations, quickly and securely.
  • Full 4G connectivity for increased portability.
  • Raises awareness in a variety of placements.
  • Branded digital and external artwork provided.
  • Create additional revenue with on-screen advertising