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Choose MOHID Cloud Plan

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Choose Add-ons

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Choose Card Processing Rates

We have packaged our most popular features to bring you the most value at an affordable price. If you’re looking for something you don’t see below, please contact us and we will work with you to address your unique needs.

Note that a MOHID Cloud plan is required to power any hardware or software addons.

Select MOHID Cloud Plan


All the basic features that you need
to start organizing your Masjid




The full suite of features to supercharge your administration




A la Carte

Customize your package to fit your unique needs

$99 – $224


  • Donation Management

  • Website/Auto Salat/Widgets

  • KIOSK Management

  • Registration/Fee Management

    Create programs and collect fees seamlessly.

  • Membership Management

    Manage free/paid membership types (eg. General assembly)

  • Fundraiser Management

    Easily create fundraising events and track donations

  • Communication Management

    Communicate with your members via email, text, or optional app

  • Zakat Management

    Manage Zakat intake and disbursement

  • Financial / Book Keeping

    Accounting module for tracking revenue, expenses, w/ reports

  • Bulletin Board Management

    A forum for masjid members to post bulletins

  • Event Management

    Let your members know what’s happening in your community


Optional Addons


More and more donors are less likely to carry cash but almost 100% of donors will always have instant access to a debit, credit card or a mobile phone. Instantaneous giving is the future for increasing donations.

MOHID+ Kiosk helps to remove the barriers for giving by introducing a multi-touch giving approach with our revolutionary Kiosk giving system.

Note: For Mobile App, MOHID Starter Package is the minimum system requirement for them to be functional.



  • Take donations directly at the Kiosk no fuss no hassle
  • Allow users to sign up and registrar for a Memberships
  • Advertise up coming event and fund raisers
  • Allow users to purchase tickets direct from the Kiosk
  • All major credit and bank cards accepted
  • Very low traction fees to more of the money goes direct to the cause
  • Communicate with Members with on screen announcements
  • Take Zakat contributions directly at the kiosk



Per Kiosk

One Time payment and 100% refundable if canceled before Trial Period Ends.


Per Month

Waived with donor pay processing plan


At MOHID we understand the cost pressures of running a busy Masjid, we have therefore developed a pricing structure for MOHID Plus Mobile that will suit any budget. With super transparent Device costs and super low transactions fees, we can help you grow your Masjid and plan for a bright future


  • Collect payments, pledges, or donations from anywhere
  • Use it as a complete, portable point of sale system
  • Accept all major debit & credit cards



Per Device



Per Month

$399 One Time Per Device
No Activation Fee
Monthly fee waived with Donor Pay Processing Plan


Fully customized and launched on iOS and Android for your masjid! Deployed in only a matter of days, this app will let you take engagement to a whole new level. With the communication package, you’ll be able to keep your members aware of upcoming events, fundraisers, allow them to register for programs and donate all from their smartphone.


  • Receive donations directly through the app anytime, anywhere
  • Advertise events directly to members
  • Process masjid memberships
  • Inform members about upcoming classes
  • Enable members to book Masjid services such as funerals, Iftars, or facilities anytime with the mobile booking system
  • Customized with your logo, address, and mosque information


Launch your own Masjid Mobile App


Per Month

Customized and deployed to iOS and Android

Transaction Fees

Donor Pay

Allow donors option to cover fees

best value
Fixed Rates

Merchant covers 100% of transaction Fees

Interchange Rates

Merchant covers 100% of transaction Fees

Visa 3.25% + $0.29 2.50% + $0.29 1.60% 2.3% + $0.29
Mastercard 3.25% + $0.29 2.50% + $0.29 1.60% 2.3%+ $0.29
Discover 3.25% + $0.29 2.50% + $0.29 1.60% 2.3%+ $0.29
American Express 3.25% + $0.29 3.50% + $0.29 2.99% + $0.29



Check Processing or Direct Withdrawal from DonorBank one time or recurring: 20 Cents

Donor Pay: Donors get the option to cover the transaction cost by including it in their donation amount, most mosques save more than 75% on transaction fees via Donor Pay

Savings: No monthly software and support fee added for MOHID Kiosk or MOHID Handheld



Check Processing or Direct Withdrawal from Donor Bank one time or recurring: 20 Cents

Donors don’t have option to cover fees: Rates are fixed and cannot be covered by donors.

MOHID Kiosk and MOHID Handheld come with standard monthly support fees when this plan is selected.



Check Processing or Direct Withdrawal from Donor Bank one time or recurring: 20 Cents

Donors don’t have option to cover fees: Better for high volume ($100k+ annually) processing.

Variable rates depending on the type of card used without an option for the donor to cover the transaction fee.

MOHID Kiosk and MOHID Handheld come with standard monthly support fees when this plan is selected.