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Do I need a engineer to install Mohid?
Absolutely not. We do all the work. We’ll even set you up with training so you can see how easy it is to use MOHID software. Opt for MOHID+ and our kiosk payment system and our tech people will also come and install your kiosk on your mosque wall.
How much will my donation incease using mohid?
We can’t make any guarantees, but giving by credit and debit card is so much more convenient than having to carry cash. We’ve installed this system across eight US states and mosques are already reporting increased donations of up to 100%.
How Long will Mohid take to install?
Not long. We can get the software up and running in half a day or so. We’ll need a similar amount of time to install your kiosk.
Will I need any special Hardware to use Mohid?
No. MOHID runs off completely standard operating systems and integrates completely with your regular software such as QuickBooks.
Is Mohid Really 100% free for 40-days?
Of course. We want you to see what a huge difference MOHID can make to your mosque and your community. That’s why you get a FREE 40-day trial. We think you’re going to love the time and money it offers to help you make a positive difference in your community.

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