This Ramadan spend more time in Connecting with ALLAH

And let MOHID handle the rest.

The Blessed month of Ramadan is about to start soon and we pray to Allah SWT that He will accept all our Ibada’t and deeds during this month. Ameen.

We know for Masjid admins, Ramadan is a very busy month and especially due to the increased usage of MOHID during Ramadan often times we see a sudden increase in support calls.

So we have prepared following list of preparatory tasks for you, which will make sure that your MOHID system will be up and functional to its full capacity before and during Ramadan, and also uncover some extremely useful features which you should use during Ramadan to get full benefits of MOHID

Utilize your MOHID+ Kiosk to its full capability

To Do List

  1. Make sure your Masjid internet connection is up and running
  2. Install your Kiosk on a visible spot where it is accessible by most of the Musallis.
  3. Upload yearly Salat times
    (Click Here to find how)
    This way you do not have to worry about updating the times manually every day and your Musallis will get the accurate times for Iqamah through your KIOSK and Mobile App.

Useful Features

  1. Setup Itekaf registration through Kiosk and MOHID Program registration module (click Here to find how)
  2. Use Fixed amount donations to get payments for fixed expenses like Iftar, Eid event tickets etc.
  3. Use Slider feature of Kiosk to announce important events as slide show (click Here to find how)
  4. Use Subscribe function to grow your email list

Make full use of your MyMOHID Masjid App

6 things you can do to increase your Masjid App utilization:

  1. Send push announcements for important events
  2. Encourage downlaods during Friday and Taraweeh prayers
  3. Update daily Salat and Eid/Taraweeh times through MOHID dashboard
  4. Encourage community members to donate more through App
  5. Setup in-masjid fundraiser events in MOHID and make sure they are visible in App
  6. During in-masjid fundraisers ,announce to start Apps and donate through Apps

Start your free trail:

Need more information?

Cell: 844-U-ASK-DTS (844-827-5387)