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What is the MOHID+ kiosk?

The MOHID+ kiosk system helps remove the barriers to giving and will enable you to communicate with Masjid members more effectively. You’ll massively increase your mosque donations and be able to create a well informed membership who rally as a community and enjoys all that your Masjid has to offer

5 reasons to choose MOHID+ kiosk system:

  1. Accept credit card payments & donations
  2. Better fundraising and pledge management
  3. Real time Donation Management
  4. Ticket sales and program registration
  5. Collect and distribute Zakat

Top Features


Secure giving system

100% secure giving platform for Mosques

MOHID+ is a 100%-secure giving platform. Once a donation has been made, it instantly delivers a receipt by email. You can even monitor donation progress and update categories remotely with the MOHID web interface. With MOHID+, donations are fast, secure and traceable.

It’s integrated and modern and it will transform your mosque.
MOHID+ offers state-of-the-art donation-management and tracking. It integrates seamlessly with other modules to give you real-time tracking and reporting of online and offline donations for both Masajid and donors.

Full Donor Management System

The integrated framework that effectively manages Donations

Increase donation with MOHID Kiosk. Our customers report up to 100% more donations received after introducing the MOHID plus Kiosk system in their Mosques. Attract new donors with MOHID plus Kiosk and open the door to new ways of giving

MOHID gives you the ability to create recurring giving donations and payments allowing members to make payment from one pay point system from your Mosque.
Big savings on credit card card transnational fees. Kiosk merchant fees start as low as 1.5%. Masajid can potentially save up to $4000 on annual transaction of $100,000

Advertise events & Announcements

Advertise events & Announcements

Automate the promotion of programs and events.

With MOHID, you can automate the promotion of programs and events. You’ll improve event collaboration and take CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to the next level by integrating it with your mosque’s CMS (Content Management System) to synchronize events.

MOHID+ Kiosk allows you to promote charity campaigns via the Kiosk interface. You can easily advertise current or upcoming charity campaigns or events, this has been been shown to be a proven method to increase donations and participation by upto 100%.

At last, you can take the complexity out of events administration and be sure that the difficult work of publishing, setup, and tracking is being handled in the background.

Sell ticket and promote events

Customization of events
Create customizable events and event pages with unique images and descriptions by adding location, ticket prices and event information all with the simple click of a button.

Spread the word
Spread the word about your event with Mohid built in sharing tools and invite people to spread the word about your event, manage and request RSVPs to know who is coming in advance so you can plan the size of your event accordingly.

Manage events from anywhere
Manage your events wherever you are, be that on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. Mohid and Mohid+ give you the ability to sell tickets, track sales, communicate with customers and check in attendees quickly and easily.


Prayer Times

Add display and edit Mosque prayer times giving user an instant go to point of daily, weekly and monthly prayer timetables.

Class & Programs

Display and provide real time class and program information to students, parents and community members.

Newsletter Subscription

Allow user to signup or subscribe to mosques newsletter lists.

Digitize Masjid Info

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MOHID Plus – doubling your revenue

Stop wasting hours inputting donations and chasing donors. With access to real-time reports, and integration to your donor software, MOHID keeps you one step ahead.

MOHID Plus is built to grow your giving and simplify reporting. We live in a cashless society, and we believe giving should not be limited to those who carry cash and cheques. MOHID makes it possible for a person to give in the moment – anytime, anyplace, anywhere, using their card.

Tired of limiting your donations?

Invest in MOHID Plus and we’ll install our state-of-the-art giving kiosk in your mosque and get you taking regular credit and debit cards, helping you to increase donations almost instantly.

MOHID Plus is already installed across eight US states. Mosques using it report 50% increases in giving and an average increase of almost 100% in Ramadan.