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The MOHID smartphone App (Masjid Connect) helps to remove the barriers for giving, and helps  move your donors towards instantaneous Mobile, Kiosk and Online giving.


For the first time in history, we have a new generation of donors who have never written out a check or even carry a check book for that matter. More and more donors are less likely to carry cash but almost 100% of donors will almost always have instant access to a debit, credit card or a mobile phone. Instantaneous giving is the way forward and donors expect you to provide all the facilities available for them to be able to donate, be it online or using their mobile phones. And if you don’t, they will be quick to pass judgment and demand a better way of giving.

Masajid see dramatic increases from donor giving when introducing new and more up to date ways of giving. This is includes Mobile giving but not exclusive as the highest increases are seen when introducing all the touch points together, web, Kiosk, text and mobile. It takes and average of 10 SECONDS when users give with Masjid Connect, donors can now give anytime, anywhere, fast, free & secure. Masjid Connect offers a solution that is fast, convenient and consistent. It allows your Masjid to accept donations, via mobile and any smart phones, text and online, all with the same look and feel, all in one place and at blazing fast speeds.


Track donations through Masjid Connect

Our system gives you the ability to process payments from all major credit and debit cards, as well as processing all types of giving from checks, online and text giving. You can track all transactions, donations, and regular payment coming in and out as well creating an efficient and more effective system that makes all the difference to your Masjid when managing and raising funds.



Advertise events direct to members

Send notifications and advertise your events, classes and fundraiser directly to members and the community. Masjid Connect app makes marketing and promotional activates easy and simplifies members to sign up to events, classes or make donations directly to your Masjid.



Engage your Donors

The Mobile Giving Solution For Your Masjid

Process membership directly through the app

Process members directly from the app, give them the ability to manage their own personal details, payments and registrations from one simple application.


Inform members about upcoming classes

Masjid Connect promotes a deeper level of engagement in the life and activity of your Masjid. Members can view, check and register for classes directly from the app.


Tell your members about daily and special Iqamah times

Send push notification reminding members and the community of Iqamah times, Friday prayers and any general day to day or weekly changes at the Masjid.

Other Amazing Features

Accept All major Credit Cards and payment gateways

Our donation and payment system will accept all major creditcards and other payment gateways including Paypal, apple pay, android pay Visa, Master Card and American Express.


Make the app style fit your organizations branding

Masjid Connect app is totally customizable to your organization and its logo and colors. Impress our members with your own personalized Masjid app that helps members engage with the Masjid.


Allow members to book, facilities, funerals and Fitar

Make it easier for your users to book and pay for facilities. Stop all the miscommunication when it comes to booking and services and facilities and increase the amount of booking your receive.


Still not convinced?

5 reasons Mohid smartphone app is right for your Masjid.

  1. Increase donations and membership registrations by 100% – via easy to use donation system which accepts all major credit cards and payment gateways.
  2. Improve community engagement with instant mobile notification to inform your members about all events, announcements, fundraisers in fact anything you want to promote.
  3. View membership and community member’s data and refine promotional activities in real time from your MOHID backend portal.
  4. Enable your members to book Masjid services such as funerals, Iftar, facilities anytime anywhere with a mobile booking system.
  5. Customize your application to create a custom fit by adding your logo, address and Masjid information.


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Embrace community life Now you can make a real difference in your community. Instead of being tied to your desk, you can be out there, improving outreach work, helping with youth engagement, feeding the poor – embracing community life. Now, all the functions that used to take so long can be automated. Including year-end tax returns in just FIVE MINUTES. With a full reporting suite that includes transactions, balance sheets, profit and loss, and ledgers, MOHID could save you countless hours over the course of a year. You’ll be able to coordinate regional Masjid and Islamic organisations to achieve bigger goals in the community, enhance community engagement and strengthen bonds beyond local Masjid. You can do all this while interconnecting disparate activities into a highly integrated system. One that’s easy to use, with enhanced security and automated operations. Make no mistake, MOHID will reduce the time you spend on admin while vastly improving your accuracy. MOHID takes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to the next level. How? By integrating it with your mosque’s CMS (Content Management System) and incorporating other Islamic institutions for synchronised Zakat disbursements, events announcements and shared calendars. MOHID is advanced software. But don’t be fooled. What it gives you is time. The time to care.