Turn cashless card carriers into cash giving donors.

MOHID plus mobile is the card payment device that lets your Masjid take payments, pledges and donation wherever, whenever.

MohidTM is trusted by thousands of
Mosques and Islamic Organizations

Introducing MOHID Plus Mobile

Take every kind of payment from every kind of donor and grow your donor base. Take payments for literally anything, anywhere.

The demand for instant payment is seeping into every corner of our lives. in response to the rise of mobile phones and cashless payments, MOHID is introducing a revolutionary donation gathering tool that can be used to propel your Masjid into the 21st Century. Most Masajid’s using the MOHID Plus Mobile system have literally doubled their donations by accepting digital transactions.

Our advanced mobile card payment device eliminates the need for cash, paperwork and pledge forms. MOHID Plus Mobile payment device enables Masajid’s and charities to quickly accept pledges, payment and donations. It’s compact, cost-effective and aimed at enabling donors, to donate easily without cash. With our mobile card payment device, people can make pledges, give donations and pay for wedding fees, hall hires, event tickets, or even just for a cup of tea and coffee.

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Lean how to add MOHID Mobile to your account.

8 reasons why you should use Mohid Mobile?

Its time to to stop losing money to a cashless society and Supercharge your next fundraising event with the Mohid Plus Mobile.

Accept payments faster, easier, smarter.

Use Mobile Mohid Plus as a complete point of sale system or a standalone payment device.

Giving on the go

Mohid Mobile Plus makes mobile payment processing a breeze.

Track sales in real time

Gain real-time insights into trends and data that are driving your donations, and track key metrics.

Fixed transaction fee

Only pay 3.2% per transaction. Payouts go directly into your bank account, and transaction fees are covered by the donor Gift Aid scheme, so you don’t pay.

Simple, fair pricing

One off yearly membership fee and just pay a small fee when accepting a transaction for all our devices.

Accept all debit & credit cards

Accept all major credit & debit cards from visa, master card, maestro, American

Automated accounting

Fully automated and linked directly to your accounting system.

Sign-up in 5 minutes

100% Online sign-up. No paperwork.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order MOHID Plus Mobile if I don’t already have MOHID at my Masjid.
To get your hands on MOHID plus mobile and start supercharging your next fundraising event you will need the Mohid platform installed at your Masjid. You can order Mohid easily online by visiting Here.
How do I subscribe to MOHID Plus Mobile if I’m already a MOHID user?
You can easily add MOHID plus mobile to your MOHID install by visiting this link and following the online guide.
How do I activate my Mohid Plus Mobile units once I have ordered them?
Once you have ordered your mobile units you can activate easily within your platform. If you need further information about this we have a how-to guide available.
What do I do if i want more information about MOHID Plus Mobile?
If you’re still struggling to make a decision or have any questions about you can contact us directly here.


At MOHID we understand the cost pressures of running a busy Masjid, we have therefore developed a pricing structure for MOHID Plus Mobile that will suit any budget. With super transparent Device costs and super low transactions fees, we can help you grow your Masjid and plan for a bright future.

Plan 1

  • $399 One Time Per Device
  • No Activation Fee
  • No monthly
  • Donor Pay Transaction Fee – See detail on transaction fee detail in the pricing section
  • * Donor consent will be taken to cover transaction fees

Plan 2

  • $399 One Time Per Device
  • No Activation Fee
  • $15/Month/Device
  • Fixed 2.5% or Interchange Rate
  • Depend on what customer opted for Transaction Rate
Donor Pay Transaction 3.25% + $0.29.
In most cases, donors would like to pay for transaction cost, especially for Zakat. If you select these options, the donor will get the option to agree to cover the transaction fee.  If a donor agrees to cover the transaction fee, 3.25% + $0.29 of the donation amount will be added to the total transaction amount. If a donor does not agree, Masjid will be charged 3.25% + $0.29 cents of the total transaction amount.
If you opt for this transaction fee type, there will be no monthly fee added to each MPM or Kiosk
Fixed rates 2.5% + $0.29
This will be fixed rates without the option for the donor to cover the transaction fee. If you select MPM and opt for this transaction fee type, you will be charged $15 monthly for each MPM device and $25 for each Kiosk Device
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Embrace community life Now you can make a real difference in your community. Instead of being tied to your desk, you can be out there, improving outreach work, helping with youth engagement, feeding the poor – embracing community life. Now, all the functions that used to take so long can be automated. Including year-end tax returns in just FIVE MINUTES. With a full reporting suite that includes transactions, balance sheets, profit and loss, and ledgers, MOHID could save you countless hours over the course of a year. You’ll be able to coordinate regional Masjid and Islamic organisations to achieve bigger goals in the community, enhance community engagement and strengthen bonds beyond local Masjid. You can do all this while interconnecting disparate activities into a highly integrated system. One that’s easy to use, with enhanced security and automated operations. Make no mistake, MOHID will reduce the time you spend on admin while vastly improving your accuracy. MOHID takes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to the next level. How? By integrating it with your mosque’s CMS (Content Management System) and incorporating other Islamic institutions for synchronised Zakat disbursements, events announcements and shared calendars. MOHID is advanced software. But don’t be fooled. What it gives you is time. The time to care.