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Top Features


Full Donor Management System

Having the right donor management system makes a huge difference in your ability in raising funds, keeping track of all transactions and providing reports to your members. With MOHID , you can process all kind of donation payment i.e. credit card, checks, ACH, Recurring right through your computer, your website, our state of the art Self-Service Donation Kiosk, Mobile Ap and by accessing your MOHID portal on your computer from any part of the world.

MOHID gives you the ability to capture, store and retrieve vital information when you need it the most in real time. The donor consolidation feature will allow you to eliminate duplicates with just few clicks . Admins don’t have to spend now months in consolidating all the donation and sending out Year end Tax Summary. MOHID will provide you the ability to generate Year End Tax Summary of each donor along with cover letter in minutes.

It gives you the ability to analyze information through enhanced reporting and make informed decision when reaching out to your donors.


Membership Management

Create quick summaries of your current memberships.

Community engagement is a key to gain trust from your community. MOHID enables you to offer free and /or fee-based membership to your community. You member can now signup for membership through your website and get the access to their member portal .

You can now enhance you community engagement by allowing your donors to view/print donation receipts and year-end tax summaries directly from their online accounts, participate in online blogs and bulletin boards in a controlled environment , register for programs or buy tickets for events at discounted rates and renew membership automatically.


Program Registration

Increase attendance to programs with online program registrations.

MOHID Program Registration module enable Masjid Admin s to manage programs (fee or non-fee).
Once program is setup such as Arabic or Hifz Class, you community can register programs online, through Kiosk and Mobile Ap.

With MOHID, you can now get paid on time and automate registration process . We understand how difficult it is to run around and get paid for the services provided. With MOHID, you would be able to simply ask your donors to register for programs by paying one time or setup recurring through online or through MOHID Plus Kiosk.

Fundraising & Pledge Management

Mohid the complete fundraising and pledge management system.

Fundraiser Management streamline end to end process of your fundraising event from ticket sales to floor collections to post event pledge tracking.

Masajid today are loosing substantial amount of donation due to lack of follow-ups on pledges .
You can now relax and let MOHID do the work for you. With MOHID, you can send auto reminders to your donors to pay for tickets and fulfill the pledges.

Mohid fundraising tool is easy to deploy for small to medium size Mosques, yet powerful and customizable enough for the demand of Multiple Mosques and large Islamic organizations. You can accept charitable donations, sell tickets, sign up members, promote events, or even set up recurring transactions is a snap

Further more, MOHID Mobile™ application for smartphones to process payments and provide real-time updates to event graphs.


Announcement Email and SMS

Create and send email newsletters to users, members and contact lists with MOHID.

MOHID communication module will make it really simple and easy when it comes to engage donors, members, event registrants for any announcement , new letter, auto emails .

MOHID is integrated with the most famous email and SMS marketing tool s available. You donors and members now can get the electronic receipt of transactions through emails and SMS.

We understand the pain to update the email distribution list . With MOHID, your distribution list for any events, members and donors get automatically updated . You can also customize the list from the available list in MOHID for announcement through email or text.


Zakat Management System

Mohid helps with all aspects of administration and distribution of Zakat and fitrana.

With MOHID, you get a highly integrated framework that gives you coordinated Zakat management at local and regional levels. Mohid gives your Mosque the ability to collect, allocate and distribute Zakat. Distribute Zakat collection to recipients with one click making the process of disbursement more efficient and effective.


Extend the functionality of MOHID with our MOHID+ Kiosk system.

Upgrade to MOHID+ today and get features like:

  • Debit and credit card donation kiosk for easy donation.
  • Cashless system
  • Simple, fast, touchscreen operation
  • Real time Donation Management
  • Seamless integration with MOHID
  • Fundraising and pledge management
  • Ticket sales and program registration

MOHID Regional

Many non-profit Islamic organizations around the Globe occasionally have centralize operations at the local, regional or national level. The key to managing such organizational structure is to develop a system that allows you to leverage configurable workflow to not only centralize all operations but also empowered local centers in a balanced and controlled environment.

We developed MOHID Regional using advanced technologies to provide such organizations with the best of both worlds E.g. A HQ can push a centralized donation category, event, or even a membership drive through MOHID Regional HQ System to all it’s MOHID connected local centers. While also having local centers run all their own operations through their own MOHID Platform.

Another example would be that a center can receive application for zakat through their MOHID Portal and send it to HQ for approval, HQ can approve or disapprove and write a check through MOHID Regional or simply allow that center to cut a check through their own MOHID Account.  Because of centralized system, If the same recipient goes to different location or HQ, his/her disbursement history can be pulled through MOHID during the application process

Through MOHID Regional HQ Platform, you would be to implement a role based approval process between HQ and local centers while performing your own (HQ) operations.


With MOHID Regional HQ System, you are able to:

Make Informed Decisions

Using historical data as a point of comparison so you can always have the correct infomation on hand to make the right decision.

Drive Compliance

Running operations at local levels that are appraised and adjusted according to the guidelines of organization.

Drive Strategy

Helping management identify how local and reagional trends are impacting results within the Masjids in your organization.

Share Knowledge

The MOHID Regional Portal is an “Aggregator” of community focused information and engagement, which can be planned and implemented using the MOHID system from local centers. With our regional system you can easily:

  • Shared Event Calendar : Avoid conflicts with scheduled events from Local Centers when planning local events.
  • Inter-Committee Collaboration:  Collaboration framework provides shared workspaces.
  • Fundraising Events, Programs, announcements and events from a local center will be automatically featured at centralized or HQ websites through a workflow (request and approval process).
  • Local and HQ can share the  Zakat disbursements history of any applicant or recipient  applying within a local or HQ center. The admins can make an informed decision by sharing the data and through an approval work flow process.

Regional Collaboration

Larger organizations can have a larger impact, and thus can often raise more money than the combined fundraising revenue of several smaller affiliates. MOHID Regional Portal connects local communities of various Masajid and Islamic Centers with-in a centralized HQ with one another utilizing modern web based technologies and serves as an information gateway for the region. Each Masjid/Islamic Center can reach out to and engage far more community members via the MOHID Centralized Regional Portal.

Cost Efficiency

The primary reason why nonprofits centralize operations is to increase cost efficiency. When an organization has numerous affiliates or branches, these satellite operations often duplicate back-office functions including accounting, human resources and administration. MOHID Regional is developed around the ideas of LEAN. MOHID Regional will cut your duplicate overhead and reduce the overall costs of the organization.

MOHID Regional Pricing varies and depends on organization size. Please contact us and request for quote

What our customers say

We’ve helped our clients raise over $20 Million with MOHID


“Alhamdulellah that Allah blessed us with this product to make the work of managing the financials of the Masjid less effort and more accurate, and eliminate hours of accounting work. The system provided us with tools to manage financial records and book-keeping, and the flexibility to do the work remotely from anywhere. We cut down about 40 to 50% of the time we spent in doing paperwork. And, Alhamdulellah, the system kiosk provided new tools to increase donations and revenue for the Masjid and provide immediate email receipts to donors, which results in more privacy and trust. Also it helped in promoting programs and events. It cut down on abuse of the zakat fund by being able to check the record of recipients.”


“I would like to congratulate and thank the team at MOHID for coming up with a novel idea of having an integrated system for Masjids. MOHID is definitely on a par with the other professional tools available in the market. Since we started using MOHID, it has made account tracking a seamless effort and has reduced the use of paper. In other words, we have gone green and saved a lot of trees. Another advantage of implementing MOHID is their support and personal touch during our fundraisers.”

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Embrace community life

Now you can make a real difference in your community. Instead of being tied to your desk, you can be out there, improving outreach work, helping with youth engagement, feeding the poor – embracing community life.

Now, all the functions that used to take so long can be automated. Including year-end tax returns in just FIVE MINUTES. With a full reporting suite that includes transactions, balance sheets, profit and loss, and ledgers, MOHID could save you countless hours over the course of a year.

You’ll be able to coordinate regional Masjid and Islamic organisations to achieve bigger goals in the community, enhance community engagement and strengthen bonds beyond local Masjid.

You can do all this while interconnecting disparate activities into a highly integrated system. One that’s easy to use, with enhanced security and automated operations. Make no mistake, MOHID will reduce the time you spend on admin while vastly improving your accuracy.

MOHID takes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to the next level. How? By integrating it with your mosque’s CMS (Content Management System) and incorporating other Islamic institutions for synchronised Zakat disbursements, events announcements and shared calendars.

MOHID is advanced software. But don’t be fooled. What it gives you is time. The time to care.