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What is MOHID?

MOHID is completely revolutionizing how Masajid operate. Its one of kind software to help manage every aspect of running your organization and saves you month of time when it comes to addressing many of the issues that burden our masjids’ administration today. MOHID is created and developed with the idea of providing an end to end solution through highly integrated data management system. With MOHID, you can automate and streamline donation, membership, class registration, event management and announcement, Zakat disbursement, and fundraisers.
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Triple your public donations

In today’s cashless society, why be tied to receiving public donations for your mosque by cash only? What if you could accept donations quickly and simply by debit or credit card? Now you can grow your giving and really start to make plans for your mosque and community. With MOHID+  and MyMohid giving smartphone App. We help your members give in the moment – anytime, anyplace, anywhere, using their card.

Cut year-end accounting from months to minutes

Ever get frustrated that you can’t spend more time out in the community? Spending too long tied to your desk? No doubt the cause of much of that is accounting and admin. Now you can cut year-end accounts reporting down to just FIVE MINUTES. Our account module and full reporting suite includes transactions, balance sheets, profit and loss, and ledgers. You could save hundreds of hours in a year, so you can get out in the community.

Create a network to share information

Communication has never been easier then with MOHID Management system. You can now create a fully intrgtahed network for all your Masjid’s and Islamic organisations to coordinate events push a centralized donation category or even a membership drive through MOHID Regional System. This means you’ll be able to aim for bigger goals in the community, improve community engagement and strengthen bonds beyond the local Masjid. You can do this because MOHID enables you to interconnect a variety of activities into one highly integrated system that’s simple to use, with encrypted security.

Give your members a safe and secure way to pay

Cash is handy but it’s not as trackable as electronic payment. With donors no longer needing to donate by cash, they’re much more likely to do so. You can also collect Zakat, Fitrah, membership fees and other itemised donations quickly and securely using MOHID’s touchscreen operation. Members simply select, swipe and submit. MOHID+ and MyMohid Smartphone app seamlessly integrates with the MOHID Masjid Management System for automatic book-keeping of donations and delivers an instant receipt by email. Using the MOHID web interface, you can even monitor donation progress and update categories remotely.

Handle all your accounting needs with one software

Masjid accounts processing is as easy as 1,2,3 with the MOHID Management system.  Its fast, secure and helps you track donations, membership payments, pledges, lesson and school fees, event tickets and pretty much any other tracnsaction you can think of. With MOHID, all the accounts and financial functions of Masjid are integrated into one place so that you get highly secure, full-blown accounts management with robust reporting. MOHID even integrates seamlessly with Intuit Quick Books Pro for automatic updates to your Quick Books accounts.

Masjids we currently serve:

MOHID serves 100s of Masajid and Islamic organization around the North America, helping them raise donations, engaged in the community and manage their daily affairs see some of the Masjids we currently work with.

Bayyinah Institute

Bayyinah Institute Dallas IL

Darul Qasim

Darul Qasim Chicago IL

DarusSalam Foundation

DarusSalam Foundation Chicago IL

Islamic Center

Islamic Center Of California CA

Rahmat E Alam Foundation

Rahmat E Alam Foundation Chicago IL

Islamic Foundation

Islamic Foundation VillaPark IL

MAS Islamic Center

MAS Islamic Center of Dallas MICD

Islamic Association

Islamic Association of Collin County TX

McKinney Islamic Association

McKinney Islamic Association TX

East Plano Islamic Center

Plano, TX

Islamic Society of Central

Islamic Society of Central Jersey NJ

Meadowvale Islamic Centre

Meadowvale Islamic Centre Mississauga ON

Islamic Society of Baltimore

Islamic Society of Baltimore MD

Noor Islamic Cultural Center

Noor Islamic Cultural Center OH

Islamic Center Of San Antonio

Islamic Center Of San Antonio TX

Islamic Society of Orange County

Islamic Society of Orange County CA

Islamic Association of North Texas

Islamic Association of North Texas TX

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The MOHID Mosque Management system will help you manage your organisations and increase donations to:

  • Full Accounting package specifically designed for islamic organisations
  • Donation Tracking and management
  • Membership Management
  • And much much more

All the advantages of MOHID plus the benefits of our revolutionary Kiosks system which will help your Masjid collect 100% more donations.

  • Take Instant Pledges, Donations and Zakat payments
  • Take payment securely at a low cost
  • Advertise Masjid events & functions
  • And much much more

The MyMOHID smartphone App helps you reach out to you members anywhere anytime, facilitating communication giving.

  • Receive donations directly through the app anytime anywhere
  • Advertise events direct to members
  • Process membership directly through the app
  • Inform members about upcoming classes

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What people are saying

“I would like to congratulate and thank the team at MOHID for coming up with a novel idea of having an integrated system for Masajid. MOHID is definitely on a par with the other professional tools available in the market. Since we started using MOHID, it has made account tracking a seamless effort and has reduced the use of paper. In other words, we have gone green and saved a lot of trees. Another advantage of implementing MOHID is their support and personal touch during our fundraisers.”

“I want to take a moment and let all other Masjid know that this newly developed software, MOHID, specifically designed for Masjid, has cut down on the labor cost, improved revenue through the kiosk and low transaction fees and, most importantly, made our office streamlined and efficient. I also like the way these brothers support us. They are always there to help in a timely manner.”

“Alhamdulillah that Allah blessed us with this product to make the work of managing the financials of the Masjid less effort and more accurate, and eliminate hours of accounting work. MOHID provided us with tools to manage financial records, book-keeping, and the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere. We cut down 50% of the time we spent in doing paperwork. And, Alhamdulillah, the system kiosk provided new tools to increase donations and revenue for the Masjid and provide immediate email receipts to donors, which results in more privacy and trust. Also it helped in promoting programs and events. It cut down on abuse of the Zakat fund by being able to check the record of recipients. Membership management and updates became easier and more convenient and encouraging to community members. I recommend that every Masjid in America have one so we can all share some of the resources and information.”

“Islamic Center of San Antonio(ICSA) Installed 3 kiosk self-serve touch screen donation stations in our Masjid provided by DeenTek Solution. The donors like these systems to make a donation as they are very user friendly and at the same time the administration finds it very helpful to manage the donations with their back office software. The Donor pool increased and we were able to create specific donation groups through their membership module. In short, the system helped us reduce the administrative work thru MOHID automated donation receipt capability and enhanced reporting.”



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